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framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal

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About O'verlays O'verlays is the leading designer in decorative fretwork panel decor.
TRANSFORMATION Dark wood, glass and oriental-style wooden fretwork panels abound
Sugary pink with white-painted timber frames or honeycomb yellow with elaborate wooden fretwork, many of the houses date back to the 1800s and their steep pointed turrets, latticed iron clock towers and high ceilings have brought a touch of magic to Haiti's urban landscape for many decades.
The walnut wood has a unique color, grain and sheen and the carving and fretwork done on it is of the finest quality.
With fancy fretwork sides modeled from stainless steel, Sylph is light to wear.
The fact is, there's some absolutely fantastic fretwork happening in these songs, and some amazing shifts in tone and tempo that have to be admired.
Ornate embellishments, leaded windows, gables, dormers, fretwork barge boards and decorative chimney stacks became the "must have" facade for fashionable country or parkland homes in a Regency era fond of wallowing in picturesque rural romanticism.
He also developed skills in carpentry, fretwork and wood-turning, the crafted objects he created being generously distributed among family members and friends.
Nick Mercer's piercing vocal is reminiscent of Lee Mavers' spine-tingling delivery and Scott Duncan's guitar wizardry is very much a nod towards the striking indie-pop fretwork of the Smiths' visionary veteran Johnny Marr.
His ability at presenting a horse at a fence was perfectly illustrated aboard Theatre Diva for his boss Venetia Williams at Exeter on Wednesday, and he'd previously impressed when getting the maximum out of Fretwork to win a tight finish at Huntingdon.
Here's hoping future releases include half as many songs with twice as much fretwork.
Foulard was fashioned after patterned silk, while Fretwork was inspired by the ornate carvings found in the gates and walls of Spain's Alhambra.
Peter Eisenman's Denkmal fur die ermordeten Juden Europas (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe), inaugurated on May 10, 2005, disrupts the seamlessness of this historicizing project and the intellectual fretwork that subtends it, a point made clear by the two names by which the project is known--the official designation, Denkmal (memorial), and the title commonly used by the public, Mahnmal (warning).
The most important of these interstitial spaces are the gallery vestibules, which are emphasised by lace-like fretwork ceilings.
Jacob-Strain's husky blues vocals and fast fretwork are in evidence on his latest release, which he calls a songwriter's album.