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The fretfulness over cuts in programs that were made in 2011 - the last time lawmakers faced a large shortfall - is replaced now with hopefulness over what might be possible with all of this money available.
Nevertheless, their unique eagerness and most of the times a formidable level of push from interested entities, which are inherently fervent to pressure Pakistan's armed forces at all costs, impels them to take a meaningful trip to otherwise terror ridden Pakistan in pursuit of something more exiting that is primarily aimed at triggering fretfulness among desired addressees in addition to enhancing the salability of their work.
Babies may have tense or bulging fontanelle [soft spot on top of head], blotching or pale skin, may refuse to feed and have fretfulness, a shrill cry or stiffness and jerkiness or floppy body.
Such a shift in thinking will facilitate acceptance of the changes, reduce resistance to them, and quiet the fretfulness from unmet expectations.
Let me enjoy my own conviction, Not watch my neighbour's faith with fretfulness, Still spying there some dereliction Of truth, perversity, forgetfulness
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's meeting on Wednesday with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak reflected his fretfulness over Tokyo's lack of diplomatic achievement over the past few years.
54), their fretfulness over the perils of legal uncertainty and the rapid proliferation of reported decisional law (pp.
Never before have so many nervous laps of Chapelgate been undertaken by Scholes supporters, but our fretfulness was gradually settled by the determined Latif, and youthful calm of Brook.
As the ghosts of those who have been evicted start to reclaim their ancestral land, we see Nick's mood change from wonder to fretfulness to melancholy.
Instruction on how not to set up domestic space suggests fretfulness over real trends.
8) Narratives of passing are significant not because they gives us clues to actual extant practices but because they give us clues to extant cultural fretfulness about perceived practices.
Babies may have a swelling on the soft spot on top of the head, blotchy or pale skin, a staring expression or fretfulness.
She had probably alienated Love by the helplessness and fretfulness of a fearful temper, or been unreasonable in wanting a larger share than any one among so many could deserve.
n In babies and toddlers symptoms include a rash, fretfulness, blotchy skin, drowsiness and stiff neck.
This activity bleeds together quiet humiliation and quiescent anxiety: his task has mundanely brought him to his knees, while his fastidious folding keeps his fretfulness contained.