freshwater mussel

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bivalve mollusk abundant in rivers of central United States

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allows for the simultaneous assessment of 19 digestive enzymes, which we proposed to use to compare the levels of digestive enzymes among freshwater mussel species.
Freshwater mussels did, however, represent a food resource in the Stone Age.
Past and future patterns of freshwater mussel extinctions in North America during the Holocene.
The gravid females were divided among three facilities for propagation, including White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery in West Virginia, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Freshwater Mussel Conservation and Research Center in Ohio, and the Center for Mollusk Conservation in Kentucky.
Range extension of the freshwater mussel, Plectomerus dombeyanus, into the Tennessee River, Kentucky.
Evaluation of lethality and genotoxicity in the freshwater mussel Utterbackia imbecillis (Bivalvia:Unionidae) exposed singly and in combination to chemicals used in lawn care.
Vertical migration, orientation, aggregation, and fecundity of the freshwater mussel Lampsilis siliquoklea.
This includes more than one in 10 freshwater mussel species that have become extinct (Stein et al.
Anglers and conservation groups are now claiming that the plan by Scottish Power, which is a subsidiary of a giant Spanish utility company, could create environmental disaster with reduced water flows damaging salmon and freshwater mussel stocks, and causing pollution on the beach at Ayr.
Hornbuckle also reported in the November 2006 Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology that polycyclic musks reduce the growth of the juvenile and larval stages of the freshwater mussel Lampsilis cardium, a sentinel for vulnerable aquatic species in ecological systems.
The freshwater mussel fauna of Tennessee is among the richest in North America; at least 129 species once occurred within the state (Parmalee and Bogan, 1998).
Elliptio complanata is a freshwater mussel whose populations are seriously declining in the United States.
Researchers found that the medication's residues in sewage can interfere with the reproduction of America's native freshwater mussel.