freshwater eel

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eels that live in fresh water as adults but return to sea to spawn

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Several freshwater eel species make UnaG, which is the first fluorescent protein discovered in a vertebrate, Miyawaki says.
Caption: A protein in the muscles of Japanese freshwater eels (shown) glows when it meets the compound bilirubin, a breakdown product of red blood cells.
Every variety we've tasted at Ocean Star has been superb, but our favorites include buttery escolar, firm but not chewy conch, tuna (both the lean and the fatty), fresh salmon, and cooked and sauced freshwater eel with sesame seeds.
95), for example, is a combination of freshwater eel and soft-shell crab - would undoubtedly make sushi purists sneer.
Consequently, two of us nibbled sushi orders that included standard hand rolls of spicy tuna and spicy scallops; regular sushi of freshwater eel, halibut, tuna and yellowtail; and a four-piece roll of spicy tuna.
The unagi, or freshwater eels, proved too much for his delicate stomach and he promptly collapsed and threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister during the banquet at his home in 1992.
Freshwater eels and marine eels are commonly used in Japanese cuisine; foods such as Unadon and Unajuu are popular but expensive.
David McCreadie is trying to make eels popular again Derimon's Smoked Freshwater Eels are available online (www.
Freshwater eels are the ones preferred in Japanese cuisine.
Informational section topics range from hermaphroditism to the life history of freshwater eels.
Flounders, coalies and freshwater eels will be the target species and crab the favoured bait.
What to see: <text f="9013" it="No" bd="Yes" co="K">Rudd</text><text f="9013" it="No" bd="Yes" co="K" /><text f="9013" it="No" bd="Yes" co="K">, freshwater eels,</text>
Trials or actual production are said to be under way for farming or "enhancement" of snapper, rock lobster, freshwater eels, freshwater prawns, paua (abalone) and dredge oysters.