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the first class in college or high school

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In addition to near record numbers, this year's incoming freshman class is better prepared academically.
OSU's goal is for 50 percent of the freshman class by 2025 to enter with a 3.
oWhen we set out to create NYUAD [New York University Abu Dhabi], we made it clear we were looking to attract the top students in the world, regardless of their national origin,o said Josh Taylor, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Public Affairs at NYUAD, ahead of the intake of the universityAEs inaugural freshman class of 2014.
This is being done by targeting the freshman class, with the idea that they will continue to use the page as an instructional tool throughout their academic tenure.
In recent years, around 15 percent of the Juilliard freshman class has been made up of Interlochen alumni.
He is also the most articulate and outspoken champion of smaller government in his freshman class.
Maybe that's why I welcomed the "Enid and Joe" and "We Got You Babe" chapters recounting the experiences of two of the more colorful members of the freshman class.
If the school has a rolling admission procedure, rejection will come when the freshman class is filled.
The new Republican freshman class came to Washington with reform zeal, and of course they are taking more PAC money than any other freshman class.
For these reasons as you can imagine our senior class was a bit smaller than our freshman class.
Although the freshman class of newly-elected congressmen is the largest in four decades, the new legislators generally have not won seats on committees of' interest to the nursing home community.
It was a surprise to me and even the administration," Prater-Eichner said of the larger-than-expected freshman class, which made its debut Wednesday in high schoolers' first day back in the Eugene School District.
The 2013 freshman class marks the second consecutive year of record enrollment at Eastern.
Quinsigamond Community College is bracing for its largest freshman class ever, according to a college spokesman, although the final figures are not in because the school has "walk-in" enrollment at the Worcester campus tomorrow.