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Synonyms for freshet

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

Synonyms for freshet

the occurrence of a water flow resulting from sudden rain or melting snow


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7338) at the Portsmouth Water Treatment Plant, 60 Freshet Road, Madbury, NH.
But it did offer a few fun spring terms, including freshet, which is the annual spring rise in streams in cold climates as a result of snow melt, and frog storm, the first bad weather in spring after a warm period.
Defining optimal freshwater flow for oyster production: effects of freshet rate and magnitude of change and duration on eastern oysters and Perkinsus marinus infection.
Ekati Mining Update The decision in the autumn of 2013 to accelerate the mining capability in the Fox pipe has resulted in an additional approximately 100,000 tonnes of material being mined from the open pit ahead of the spring Freshet (snowmelt).
By using a canal instead of a river, for instance, lumbermen were no longer "compelled to overstock the market at the Spring freshet, and thus subject themselves to diminished prices and unreasonable exactions.
the carcass down the spring freshet, losing more altitude each hour
It asserts that a 150 km route down the Skeena River from Terrace would be 65 km longer and entail a 20 km tunnel and a river crossing, and that the route is susceptible to flooding from the Skeena freshet and prone to landslides and seismic activity.
Joseph crossing the Powder River in Colorado: "A freshet has washed away the bridge.
Over the last 150 years, major changes to the estuary have included decreased magnitude of the spring freshet, decreased salinity intrusion, and changes in estuarine bathymetry, the latter of which has influenced circulation patterns and habitat availability (Sherwood et al.
VanZanten includes some of Dickinson's best-known poems ("These are the days when Birds come back -," "Mine--by the Right of the White Election," and "I never saw a Moor") along with some that are seldom anthologized ("As Frost is best conceived" "Dew--is the Freshet in the Grass") and some that one would hardly expect to find in a collection assembled for this purpose, notably the author's favorite, "I taste a liquor never brewed" Inevitably, a reader familiar with Dickinson thinks of other choices that could have been included, but no doubt the author's hope is that readers will find their way from this book to the Franklin or Johnson editions.
Another three protocols that are substantially more sophisticated than the rest are Deluge [3], MNP [4] and Freshet [5].
But the consequence of a failure of revaluation to achieve the results sought by its advocates would likely be a freshet of hostile charges and counter charges with adverse effects on U.
John Gross of Springfield's Roaring Fork Guide Service on some of the area's best bets for fishing: "Fishermen on the Siuslaw reported good fishing for about five days following the last freshet.
Members of the academy responded with a freshet of articles and books that linked hip-hop's roots to other African American vernacular expressions.
They engaged him; but straightway upon the ship's getting out of sight of land, his insanity broke out in a freshet.