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a first-year undergraduate

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I'm really excited for freshers and I hope all of our students are too.
More than 2,000 students are set to arrive at the Primrose Hill Street venue for Freshers Fest on Tuesday.
But freshers were warned not to let peer pressure mar their fledgling university experiences.
As the protection offered by the infant MenC vaccine wanes over time, we are recommending university freshers get a booster before they begin university, even if they received it as a young child.
This application, however, doesn't inform freshers about the fun spots around the campus.
But the ridiculous schemes continue as Howard and JP try to coax female freshers to join their Dry Slope Skiing Society, and there's trouble when Vod's hunky Mexican summer fling turns up in town.
Two weeks ago the National Union of Students put out a note asking freshers to make arrangements if payments arrived late but we are aware of no problems throughout the UK.
TUMS Freshers uncovered the top five social "Moments that Matter," through a new survey of more than 1,200 women across the United States.
The study reveals the economic situation has brought about dividing lines between first years and older students, with new starters slashing their alcohol spending by over 40 per cent compared to freshers in previous years.
Every company wants experienced people and treats freshers like outcasts
A new cracker range that unites a selection of established brands with soft cheese Laughing Cow is being launched this month through predominantly own label supplier Freshers Foods.
Daniel opened his Freshers manufacturing plan to the public Tuesday to show off the $200,000 expansion into a 5,000-square-foot plant.
Tonight we meet three freshers at Leicester University.
Speaking of freshers, I must big up an event called Fresherfest, taking place at The Limelight next Wednesday.
POLICE are meeting Newcastle College students during freshers week and offering them advice.