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soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

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Visitors are offered the chance to combine a fresh lobster lunch with a river boat trip, enjoy a sea fishing or kayaking trip, cook their own catch or relax at a sea shanty and fresh fish supper night.
8 years) - geothermal, mineral-rich springs, a diet of fresh fish and sheep's heads and a liberal outlook which keeps them going.
M&S also reports sales of its fresh fish and chips range for pounds 2.
We only serve fresh fish and we have our own fish farm in Karranah," said food and beverages director at the Fish Market Restaurant, Sitra, Mohammed Faragalla.
Mr Poulsen is currently focusing on sales of fresh fish to markets, including Billingsgate and to fish processors in Grimsby, Aberdeen and other ports.
Scientists at the British Nutritional Foundation found canned fish actually provided more calcium than fresh fish due to the canning process, which softens up small bones allowing them to be eaten.
Though in this day and age it is not always possible to buy in fresh fish, it is better that people can at least buy fresh and freeze at home.
FRESH fish may protect smokers from lung cancer, according to a new study.
A fresh fish should have the nice clean smell of the ocean.
Frozen seafood just does not seem to have the same aura that fresh fish does," he lamented, yet consumers flock to "fresh" fish counters that often feature previously-frozen items.
Real mesquite wood-burning grills impart a signature smoky flavor to steak, poultry, fresh fish and vegetables.
Consumer data, based upon proprietary surveys and then consumer group tracking and modeling for the following specific categories: Ambient Fish and Seafood, Raw Packaged Fish and Seafood-processed Pieces, Raw Packaged Fish and Seafood-whole cuts, Dried Fish and Seafood, Fresh Fish and Seafood (counter), and Frozen Fish and Seafood.
For several years we've only had a branded offer, but by moving to own label we have been able to create consistency across the category, add breadth of range and give fresh fish the focus it deserves in-store.
The Tarzana eatery puts the emphasis on Mexican food, but offers plenty of fresh fish and other options.