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Synonyms for cow

Synonyms for cow

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for cow

female of domestic cattle: "'moo-cow' is a child's term"

mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'bull'

a large unpleasant woman

subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe


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Contract award: Providing of framework agreement for the supply of fresh milk, butter 10-20 grams, 200 grams butter, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, fresh cow cheese
Limited tenders are invited for supply of clean fresh cow milk to the tifr canteen, mumbai 400005 for the period from 01.
But we have enjoyed camaraderie with friends and neighbors many times when homemade ice cream is on the menu made with fresh cow milk or cream
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fresh Milk, Butter 10 to 20 Grams, 200 Grams Butter, Cheese, Cheese, Yogurt, Fresh Cow Cheese.
Dairy products: fresh cow milk, pasteurized cow yogurt, cheese
We find that fresh cows (those who gave birth recently) generally have to urinate when we start milking due to the contractions, so go about your milking and get ready.
Sick cows and slow or sick fresh cows are flagged much sooner," continues Ireland, "and just being able to look up each milking weight for each cow is very important.
The objectives of this study were to investigate whether consuming of different levels of RUP with fixed amounts of RDP would affect performance of Holstein fresh cows, and could decline the detrimental effects of negative protein and energy balance on milk production and BCS and, finally, to determine the concentration of health indicators such as NEFA and [beta]HBA.
This facility enables the researchers to perform nutrition experiments with fresh cows year around.
2001) showed that the potential of live yeast products to increase intake of fresh cows was more affected by total NDF concentration of the diet than by forage NDF intake.