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wind moving 19-24 knots

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The fresh breeze was blowing right down upon us, and I could hear the whistle plainly, off to one side and a little ahead.
When we got home the fresh breeze had braced her up, and her pale cheeks were really more rosy.
Already the pavement was drying; a balmy and fresh breeze stirred the air, purified by lightning; I felt the West behind me, where spread a sky like opal; azure immingled with crimson: the enlarged sun, glorious in Tyrian tints, dipped his brim already; stepping, as I was, eastward, I faced a vast bank of clouds, but also I had before me the arch of an evening rainbow; a perfect rainbow--high, wide, vivid.
At the same instant Bert became aware for the first time of a fresh breeze blowirg about him.
At that moment, standing out in the fresh breeze, with the sun upon the waves, and Mrs.
The fresh breeze which follows the current of a stream, rustled the leaves of the only tree planted on the point of the Terrain, with a noise that was already perceptible.
Westerly winds had prevailed during the spring and the early part of the summer, and been succeeded by fresh breezes from the northwest.
It is not, I tell you; it is the London air: you are pining for the fresh breezes of your country home, and you shall feel them before you are two days older.
I had had one made for Garm too, and, as we climbed to the fresh breezes, I put it on, and arm chewed it uncomprehendingly, but I think he was grateful.
Fresh breeze in your face, crisp red leaves covering the pavement underfoot and that nervousness that anytime you could be just about to step in dog muck and not knowing.
In contrast to last year's rain, this year's Lord Mayor's Show was blessed with fine weather, intermittent strong sunshine and a fresh breeze.
Alvimedica found fresh breeze close to the shore to first ghost past ADOR and then Dongfeng to snatch an unexpected third place.
If you can't remember the last time you replaced your car's cabin air filter, pick up a FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter and do some quick and easy DIY - in as little as 15 minutes - to protect your family from breathing dirt, dust and allergens.
The forecast for tomorrow is for clear skies and a fresh breeze.
This new product is like a fresh breeze in the red ocean of Mobile Devices, banking upon consumers' ever changing tastes and preferences, iZOTRON is ready with a power packed launch due in November 2014.