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a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster

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a durable method of painting on a wall by using watercolors on wet plaster

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paint onto wet plaster on a wall

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Hyde's glass-encased paintings made from oil paint mixed with axle-grease, frame the radical temporal collapse between Renaissance frescoes and postindustrial Styrofoam in terms of the disjuncture between painterly gestures and the tendency to see these marks as unmediated transcriptions of the unconscious.
The Archbishop explained the procedure by which the frescoes were secured and highlighted the good will of all the participants of the negotiations.
Biographical sketches of the Consigliere della Scala, members of the Scaligeri family, and Giacomo Cavalli are thoughtfully crafted, and as a result his chapter on Altichiero's frescoes in the Chapel of San Giacomo makes for good reading.
Among the other recent restorations in the palace are the frescoes and paintings of the Sala della Quarantia Civil Vecchia, where Venice's highest appeals court once sat, and the 4-by-10-foot fresco of ``The Coronation of the Virgin'' in the adjacent Sala dell'Armamento, painted between 1365 and 1368 by the Paduan artist Guariento.
These frescoes pull the viewer's eyes uncontrollably to the ceiling, and the artist must take this propensity into account in constructing his work.
A detailed analysis of the chapel's frescoes suggests that the fifteenth-century patronage of Bianca Maria Visconti was implicated in the reformist spirit of the following century with the charismatic Paola Antonia Negri and the priest, Antonio Maria Zaccaria from Cremona.
The interiors of large Serbian Orthodox churches, such as the Church of the Assumption in Fair Oaks, have provided him with immense canvasses for his beautiful frescoes.
Ornella Casazza, who directed the recent restorations of the frescoes by Masaccio, Masolino, and Filippo Lippi in the Brancacci Chapel at Sta.
The minutes were not as important as today"; the modern metal sculpture representing the Statue of Liberty in front of the stately Opera House; and lovely Eggenburg Palace's finely done, but depressing, frescoes depicting unhappy times in history.
Correggio's preparatory drawings are suggestively used to determine both iconographic changes and a tentative chronology for the frescoes.
The video is part of a new 17-tape series devoted to the museums' holdings, history of the Vatican and restoration of the Sistine Chapel frescoes.
5) His book is based on the view that the work he discusses - the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel walls - was determined so as to propagandize for a political policy of the pope through unusual detailed features.
Told by a London art dealer that the fragmented frescoes were available for purchase, Dominique de Menil grew suspicious and began researching the frescoes' provenance.
So does the long discussion of Giotto's Arena Chapel frescoes, not to mention the still earlier mosaics of the Florentine Baptistery, Kandinsky's Impression no.
Luca Signorelli's frescoes in the Orvieto Cathedral of ``The Last Judgment,'' which inspired Michelangelo's apocalyptic vision in the Sistine Chapel a half-century later, have been reopened to visitors after a seven-year, $4.