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a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster

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a durable method of painting on a wall by using watercolors on wet plaster

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paint onto wet plaster on a wall

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What Jaffe offers, however, is still thoroughly extraordinary: a step-by-step walk through and explanation of the iconography present in the six frescoed rooms: the Genealogical Room, the Room of the Popes, the Ferrara Room, the Room of Prudence and Peace, the Room of San Marco and the Room of Florence.
Frescoed walls - several spectacular examples of which are included in the exhibition - depict imaginary Nile River vistas of crocodiles and hippos, or lush simulations of the regional flora and fauna.
9) Surely not incidental to the sudden emergence of a wholly new type and scale of art on the part of its young painter, Raphael, is the fact that the appointment of its chief librarian, the already eminent humanist Tommaso Inghirami, coincided with the inauguration of its frescoed program.
The apprentice boy Michelangelo worked on these frescoes, and might have imbibed enough of this ideology to use it when he frescoed a chapel.
The main frescoed hall of Caprarola's ground floor has been known as the Hall of Jupiter since Vasari, an intimate of both Cardinal Alessandro and of the painter Taddeo Zucchero, first described it.
27) Gambara paid homage to his famous friends in his own entrance loggia by having his friends' estates frescoed on the walls, with frescoes above them referring to the owner of each of the pictured lands.
26) The relationship between disegno and intelletto in chapter 27 is therefore intricately drawn, when the neophyte artist, who has already literally retraced (ritratto) the contours of frescoed images with his carta lucida, then proceeds to make free-hand copies of good artistic models (which should be chosen partially on the basis of the artist's reputation).
George (constructed on the model of the Arena Chapel in 1377/8-79, frescoed before 1384 by Altichiero, commissioned by Raimondino Lupi of Soranza); the Chapel of the Beato Luca Belludi in the Santo (painted 1382 by Giusto, commissioned by Naimerio and Manfredino Conti, familiares of Francesco il Vecchio); the Bovi Chapel in S.