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a regular customer

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Again John waited leisurely until the observation had thoroughly penetrated to his brain, and then replying, 'No offence as YET,' applied a light to his pipe and smoked in placid silence; now and then casting a sidelong look at a man wrapped in a loose riding- coat with huge cuffs ornamented with tarnished silver lace and large metal buttons, who sat apart from the regular frequenters of the house, and wearing a hat flapped over his face, which was still further shaded by the hand on which his forehead rested, looked unsociable enough.
In a large bedroom upstairs, the window of which was thickly curtained with a great woollen shawl lately discarded by the landlady Mrs Rolliver, were gathered on this evening nearly a dozen persons, all seeking beatitude; all old inhabitants of the nearer end of Marlott, and frequenters of this retreat.
But papas and mammas, and brothers, and intimate friends are a good deal gone by, to most of the frequenters of Bath -- and the honest relish of balls and plays, and everyday sights, is past with them.
The behaviour of the public is most correct and proper, and there is an appearance of friendly intimacy among the usual frequenters.
When he used to treat the boys in old days at a coffee-house, he would shout and laugh louder than anybody there, and have all the waiters skipping round him; it was quite painful to see how humble and civil he was to John of the Tapioca, a blear-eyed old attendant in dingy stockings and cracked pumps, whose business it was to serve glasses of wafers, and bumpers of ink in pewter, and slices of paper to the frequenters of this dreary house of entertainment, where nothing else seemed to be consumed.
The carpenters had a joke to the effect that he was dead without being aware of it; and the frequenters of the pit supposed him to pass his whole life, night and day, and Sunday and all, in the orchestra.
Cardenio was then in his right mind, free from any attack of that madness which so frequently carried him away, and seeing them dressed in a fashion so unusual among the frequenters of those wilds, could not help showing some surprise, especially when he heard them speak of his case as if it were a well-known matter (for the curate's words gave him to understand as much) so he replied to them thus:
Ta nevrose et ta propension a ne voir dans l'autre qu'un esclave en devenir, un depourvu de volonte a assujettir, une victime a subjuguer et un subjugue comme proie a collectionner, ont fait de toi la plus belle des salopes et la plus psychopathe a frequenter.
Beckett said: "I'm not a big frequenter of Ascot maidens, but that's where I started her last year.
When he accepted the post he promised that he would live a `sober life' a and not be `addicted to excessive drinking nor a frequenter of alehouses'.
A singularly stomach-churning piece by the late Lynda Lee Potter (clearly not a regular frequenter of curry houses) drooled about heroes with "massive shoulders and gargantuan thighs who make women and children feel safe, not threatened" as, for days on end, we endured laughably over-simplified, ludicrously slanted comparisons between the two codes.
Son souhait de voir le ministere inciter les directions de l'education, les enseignants et les inspecteurs a frequenter la bibliotheque numerique du Centre ainsi que ses differentes offres en matiere de formation.
Et Jeune Afrique d'ajouter: [beaucoup moins que]A l'hotel Imperial Merhaba de Sousse oo 38 personnes ont trouve la mort, la clientele regionale a effectivement remplace les Anglais autrefois nombreux a frequenter les lieux.
Alors, j'ai cesse de frequenter le cafe "Tafarnout".