frequency response

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(electronics) a curve representing the output-to-input ratio of a transducer as a function of frequency

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A new 8mm driver element and tuned ceramic casing is used which improves upon the frequency response characteristics of the EP1/EP2 models by offering extended bass and treble.
However, decimating it will deteriorate the frequency response to possibly break the specifications.
These features help the PS subs produce natural, detailed low frequency response, and our customers hear the difference immediately.
The main speakers are producing tones in the 40-200Hz region where the frequency response of the speaker is dominated by room placement, and the subwoofer's frequency response is also dominated by the room.
In vitro studies with laser Doppler velocimetry revealed a broadband and flat frequency response from 50 Hz to 10 kHz, producing power equivalent to 100dB at 1 kHz and up to 130 dB at 7 kHz (figure 3).
The gauges have a frequency response of 100 Hz, which translates to 100 data points per second per channel.
Measurements are conducted quickly, as a five-point frequency response plus THD+N, stereo separation, and stereo phase test is typically conducted in less than 15 seconds, including inquiry and connect time.
Tenders are invited for Supply of PA System Item Amplifier : 500 Watts Complete 350+350 Watts with dual channel Frequency response 50-15000 Hz + 3db Speaker output as desirable, Audio Mixer : 8/12 Channels MIC Line - Complete 04 Mono + 04 Stereo Aux 2, Main stereo frequency response, Roof Mounted Speaker 100 Watts Each, Two way twin 4 and 01 horn loaded.
The HP-SN51 has sound output of 105dB/mW, a frequency response range of 10Hz to 25kHz and impedance of 16 ohms.
KEMET's recent advancements have increased capacitance capability by over 100% while increasing frequency response by over 300%.
The listed sensitivity is 90dB and the +/ -3 dB frequency response is listed as 50 Hz to 20kHz.
Reference Premiere speakers fully embody the ideals of Klipsch design philosophy: low distortion, high efficiency, flat frequency response, broad dynamic range and controlled directivity.
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