frequency modulation

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modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave


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11: Harmonic spectrum of PDPWM based 9-level RSRV-MLI for different even valued frequency modulation index
However it is concerned with rather not method of computer calculation, but with frequency modulation speed on vibration table, which is minimal within low frequencies range.
Table 1: Parameters setting / values for CE-OFDM After generating OFDM Signal, real part of OFDM is get to perform frequency modulation to achieve CE-OFDM signal.
the frequency modulation laws have the same form, but with opposite slopes), only one of these two solutions can be next used in the future calculations.
It can produce time-varying Doppler frequency modulations in the cross-range after ISAR imaging.
Koo, "Sidelobes Reduction Using Simple Two And Tri-Stages Non Linear Frequency Modulation (NLFM)", Progress In Electromagnetics Research, vol.
Stands for frequency modulation, which is needed when listening to the screeching giggles of Timmy Mallett on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.
Frequency Modulation RH Control provides faster and automatic relative humidity controls--a feature not typically found even on more expensive units which allows real-life testing conditions.
Frequency modulation RH control provides automatic relative humidity controls.
For example, in discussing Ezra Pound's notion of kulchur, Campbell argues that "both kulchur and fascism exploit wireless acoustic spacing to inscribe commands in a flash; with the evolution of a wireless media ecology, frequency modulation and the altered time axis of acoustic events become two of the principal media conditions of fascism.
However, frequency modulation (FM) of a PLL for the modulation rates used inside the loop bandwidth, is generally difficult.
The software measures "micro tremors" - tiny changes in the frequency modulation of the human voice - as people answer questions during criminal investigations.
To improve resolution, "pulse compression" is enabled by adding either frequency modulation or digital modulation to transmitted pulses.
Experimental performance art ensemble SAFMOD (Sub-Atomic Frequency Modulation Overdose) explored stilt-walking, aerial fabric techniques, and everyday movement in Odyssey, a trio of high-energy group pieces conceived by Artistic Director Young Park and Managing Director Ezra Houser and accompanied by Music Director Neil Chastain's original percussive scores.
Sagem has won the preference of the French defence procurement office DGA for the development of a new generation of radios designated Coded Orthogonal Frequency Modulation (Codfm).
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