frequency modulation

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modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave


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Both frequency modulation and phase modulation fall under the general category of angle modulation.
It causes various visual effects on the display depending on the type of signal with which frequency modulation of a jammer carrier wave is executed.
Several analog waveforms are analyzed, including the linear frequency modulation pulse and stepped frequency waveforms, as well as unmodulated pulse-train, binary, polyphase, and frequency codes.
Modes include amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), phase modulation ([eth]*M), and pulse modulation.
As the first person to explore amplitude and frequency modulation, he opened the doors to faster, clearer, free space communications.
The military's Single-Channel Ground-Air Radio System very high frequency frequency modulation radio system is limited to line-of-sight propagation.
Other topics include video data transmission between ARM and DSP, adaptive motion gesture segmentation, a data video base station for water monitoring, and deleting linear frequency modulation jams in the TDCS.
Footnote AGC = Automatic Gain Control AM = Amplitude Modulation BOM = Bill of Materials LNA = Low Noise Amplifier DRM = Digital Radio Mondiale(TM) FM = Frequency Modulation IF = Intermediate Frequency QFN = Quad Flat No Leads
The new high power, broadband limiters from Pasternack help stabilize generator outputs, provide constant amplitude signals in phase sensitive systems and reduce amplitude variation in frequency modulation (FM) systems.
Aktakom AWG-4151 universal generator can work not only with harmonic signals, but also has modulation opportunities and other special modes including: amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), phase modulation (FM), frequency-shift keying (FSK), and also operation in pulse width modulation (PWM), sweep mode, frequency and pulse bursts.
Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTG) announced today that a subsidiary has acquired patents for radio frequency modulation technology used in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops from a major technology company.
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