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a distribution of observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of a variable

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Frequency distributions provide a possibility for bonding the probability of the appearance of numerical values of a function in the area where it exists.
the frequency distribution method) was used for the final analysis of the collected data.
Frequency distributions of the frequency use of journals for teaching and research roles are presented in Table 2.
Each of Baumgardner's frequency distributions had a pronounced mode: in the case of the Precambrian, the modal pmc, 0.
This mean weighted CV (MWCV) provides a description of the precision over the entire range of size classes in a length frequency distribution.
After numerous iterations, the program combines all the frequency distributions from all iterations to provide a general frequency distribution.
A similar increase was observed in the standard deviations in frequency distributions of fiber settling times-from 11.
Accepting, in the current study, the four participating institutions as "one center" and accordingly pooling the results of the institutions, we assessed the intraassay variation of the PSA PCR protocols by treating the frequency distributions of PCa-free individuals and PCa patients with positive test results in replicate PCR tests on single blood specimens as a Poisson probability density function:
On days 6-22 after inoculation, disease lesions were counted and used to generate frequency distributions and to calculate average generation times for all populations.
Some of the more common exploratory data techniques are frequency distributions, stem-and-leaf displays, histograms, bar graphs, pie graphs, and scatterplots.
The discussion by Qin addresses the problem of preprocessing and cleansing textual data for discovering semantic patterns in keyword frequency distributions.
Part one, which deals with descriptions and comparisons of data, explains how to organize data, develop frequency distributions, and apply averaging.
The system calculates capability indexes and produces control charts, histograms, and frequency distributions.
ABSTAT Statistical Program was run to compute frequency distributions on the variable responses.
Each variable was analyzed using frequency distributions based upon the total responses in the two samples.
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