frequency distribution

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a distribution of observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of a variable

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36) Their phoneme frequency distributions also display very high correlation coefficients when they are contrasted with the EFE frequency distribution (which is based on a written corpus from an important Spanish news agency, and is calculated using a very large number of tokens).
Statistical analysis by Chi-square test reflects that there is no significant difference between the observed frequency distribution and reference frequency distribution [13] in West Bengal Zone.
This regional study showed that there was a good agreement in general between observed and simulated low flows by regional frequency distribution and the results would be suitable for practical applications.
Several new formulas were developed for the CF minimization of multisine signals that outperform well-known Schroeder's formula in the case of the sparser frequency distribution of components.
Table 1: Frequency distribution of the respondents regarding to their Age (N=210)
Research variable was frequency distribution of genetic eye disorders.
The results showed that the examination of the faecal samples collected from various localities showed variable frequency distribution rates from one area to another (Table 3).
Frequency distribution and Chi-Square test of significance were performed.
Frequency distribution of studied subjects in healthy and epileptic groups according to the sex are presented in table 2.
Then the frequency distribution of the array of values of the function [(z/v).
ConceptDraw PRO Frequency Distribution Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Frequency Distribution Charts (Histograms, Area Charts).
From the frequency distribution of self-esteem level and trait coping styles of the androgynous group, those participants who had scored at a mid or high level for self-esteem preferred to use a positive coping style, whereas those who scored at a low level for self-esteem used a negative coping style.
Frequency distribution of respondents' academic qualification presented in Table 3, shows that thirty one (57.
Muhammad Idrees from CEMB gave his presentation on the changing epidemiology pattern and frequency distribution of HCV in Pakistan.
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