frequency distribution

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a distribution of observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of a variable

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Frequency distribution of studied subjects in healthy and epileptic groups according to the sex are presented in table 2.
Then the frequency distribution of the array of values of the function [(z/v).
Besides the excellent micro-diamond counts and size frequency distribution from the known kimberlites, a 0.
Frequency distribution of the respondents' experience category shows that 18 (33.
Looking at the frequency distribution figures from Table 1, the bending quality level is difficult to determine due to the inconsistent values.
3, frequency distribution for trip production has been presented based on the Isfahan data bank (15 073 households) (The Comprehensive Studies .
The frequency distribution of actual percentage inhibitions for the HPA samples showed a single positively skewed distribution.
This mean weighted CV (MWCV) provides a description of the precision over the entire range of size classes in a length frequency distribution.
The present paper deals with the infra population structure of the lecithodendriid trematode, Mehraorchis ranarum (Srivastava, 1934) and furnishes information on the seasonal cycle of its occurrence, its maturation cycle and frequency distribution in the host population.
Consequently, the frequency distribution of heterozygous AG alleles were higher in African-Americans (68.
also in Pasadena, to develop a new radar frequency distribution system.
Regression correlations were developed to elucidate the relationships between beating time and mean fiber settling time and between beating time and the standard deviation of frequency distribution.
It also includes all active FCC notices of proposed rulemaking affecting equipment authorization and frequency distribution, a collection of FCC decisions that affect the regulation of private radio including all decisions since 1994 pertaining to appropriate technologies, an FCC staff database and a CD-ROM user's manual.
The probability of low-abundance PSA mRNA transcripts was assessed with use of the Poisson distribution, which revealed the expected frequency distribution of positive PCR tests.
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