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Moreover, the faunal frequency curves correlate positively with the content of insoluble residue (which is mainly clay) and even more so with the content of mud (which is everything except for the bioclastic material).
The frequency curves of scolecodonts and chitinozoans display almost no change at the Rumba-Velise transition--the level of the most conspicuous lithological change (both in terms of mineralogical and structural composition; note that the increased abundance of scolecodonts in sample OM4-32 may be due to inadequate sample size).
In order to achieve these objectives, we must address five components of the FHL design, namely, symbolization (shade/ color), number of bars/classes and class interval, bar height, bar width, and frequency curve.
The fitted frequency curve is generated using the mean and SD parameters.
He has taken the frequency curves of songs by The Cure and Tuxedomoon and had them stamped onto rectangular blocks of wood.
If the frequency curves in Figure 3 are multiplied by the $10 and $3 labor-replacement rates respectively, Figure 4 results.
The dynamic data were obtained in the linear regime and used to evaluate the characteristic elastic time and loss tangent versus angular frequency curves of the samples.
Campaign Essentials allows clients to understand their frequency curves right away to ensure budgets are being allocated effectively and frequency caps are being enforced.
By combining this data with site demographic composition data from comScore Media Metrix, the GRP and Reach Forecaster gives planners access to reach and frequency curves for over 400 publisher sites.
0, the service now also includes AiM Reach & Frequency Reporting, which allows users to quickly calculate reach and frequency curves for advertising campaigns targeted at consumer segments built using AiM lifestyle and product usage metrics.
At the heart of STRETCH is a series of reach and frequency curves for several key Hispanic demographics.
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