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Synonyms for frequency

Synonyms for frequency

the ratio of the number of observations in a statistical category to the total number of observations

the number of observations in a given statistical category

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According to the official, Vodafone Egypt obtained frequencies specified at 5 MHz on the 2,100 MHz frequency band, while the other companies obtained part of their frequencies on the 900 MHz frequency band.
The Visco-Elastograph can be operated in the following modes: Frequency sweep; amplitude sweep; temperature sweep; vulcanization; frequency and amplitude sweep with prior deflection; ramp test with deformation angle up to 90[degrees]; and relaxation test with deformation angle up to 90[degrees].
A fish of this species occasionally raises its frequency but never lowers it, Tallarovic says.
Radio frequency identification technology provides automated, real-time logistics and information on Class 1 and other classes of supply for the Defense Department.
The frequency of each resonance is determined by the same parameters that determine a defective casting: the elastic constants (stiffness); dimensions; and density.
Fluctuations of the magnetic field will be monitored by a set of 16 optically-pumped alkali-vapor magnetometers (OPM), using the property that the oscillation frequency of an OPM is proportional to the modulus of the local magnetic field.
When a uniform distribution is assumed for all possible incubation periods, the expected frequency for a day x as the incubation period is either 0 or 1/(total number of possible days).
Security at the MAC layer features a proprietary radio frequency (RF) protocol, individual unit identification codes and VLAN tagging.
Farmersmanuel, an artist from Vienna, exhibited Graceful Degradation, 2001--2002, a video projection of a digital code that was supposed to represent the frequency of Internet hits.
AAF allows devices to optimize the frequency response that best fits existing conditions.
7] The frequency of this acoustic energy is closely related to the frequency of two primary stimuli: f1 and f2.
Every time you turn your radio dial to hit a different station, your radio picks up a new frequency of waves.
Yet servo motors are much more efficient than a-c frequency motors.
an international energy industry consulting firm, was commissioned by Beacon Power as a subcontractor under a previously announced contract to design a 20-megawatt Smart Energy Matrix frequency regulation power plant.
In general, the higher the frequency of the emitted sound, the better echolocation works: High frequencies correspond to short wavelengths, and the rules of physics require short wavelengths to detect small objects.