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Synonyms for frequency

Synonyms for frequency

the ratio of the number of observations in a statistical category to the total number of observations

the number of observations in a given statistical category

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Constrained layer systems are difficult to design because damping is a function of many variables, including: damping material stiffness and thickness; constraining layer stiffness and thickness; the flexural rigidity of the base structure and the vibration modes involved; and the temperature of the structure and frequency of the vibration.
The frequency range is split into bands whose width is proportional to frequency, and the energy in each band is represented as a single point.
For example, cell phones can use frequencies between 800 and 900 megahertz (a unit of frequency measurement).
Several suppliers consider it a misconception to view a-c frequency drives that are equipped with an encoder as a servo system.
To support the evaluation, a detailed model was created to compare the indirect emissions of CO2 for one of Beacon Power's planned 20-MW flywheel plants versus the three major conventional power generation technologies (coal, natural gas, pumped-storage hydro) used today to perform frequency regulation.
The first step in analyzing a new type of sample is to evaluate its response to frequency and strain.
NIST plans to transfer the frequency dependence data to the Farad Bank and other reference capacitance standards, so that in the near future, improved capacitance calibrations will be available from NIST for the entire audio frequency range.
2 - This study was done on the same vertical channel furnace for melting copper, but the power supply had been updated with additional capacitors to lower the starting frequency from 120-90 Hz.
The higher the frequency, the wider the surface area covered by the plasma.
Featuring a 16-bit parallel port with update rates to 250 MHz, the AD9910 digital synthesizer allows designers to update a 32-bit frequency tuning word every 8 ns.
Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Equipment Industry
The Visco-Elastograph is a rotorless rotational shear vulcameter with variable oscillation frequency and amplitude with an extremely fast temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution in the closed reaction die.
When confronting a rival knifefish, both males and females can raise the frequency of their own electric signals close enough to the other fish's to distort its electric field, reports Sara Tallarovic of the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio.
Two members of the Combat Feeding Directorate were awarded for their contributions to the introduction of radio frequency identification to the Defense Department.
The mass vibrates up and down at its resonant frequency, which is proportional to the stiffness (i.