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Synonyms for frenzied

Synonyms for frenzied

marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation

Synonyms for frenzied

affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason


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excessively agitated

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Cumming stabbed his wife Jane 36 times in a frenzied attack at their home in Longforgan, near Dundee, on July 15 last year.
A man from Durham with a personality disorder has admitted murdering a casino director in a frenzied knife attack.
When the phone lines opened after Tuesday's competition, the frenzied clicking of speed-dialing and text-messaging grew in the Davises' kitchen and living room as electronic votes mounted for the attractive 22-year-old Notre Dame High School grad.
Two drug addicts who clubbed and stabbed a disabled pensioner to death in a frenzied attack before setting the body on fire have been jailed for life.
It was clearly a very frenzied attack and I think we can say the culprit is likely to be someone who knew Kylee
As long as we do not accept that restlessness is an incurable part of being human, we will continue to try to find a solution for it through the relentless and frenzied pursuit of experience.
I was used to reading a poem as a kind of academic exercise where my frenzied brain and eye sought to figure it all out.
Frenzied bidding wars among would-be tenants, common a year ago, are no more.
MALCOLM ANDERS was today found guilty of murdering his wife in a frenzied knife attack.
IN the good old days, when they were still called GCEs and I was still sitting them, our set Shakespeare play was Othello - the story of a man who became so frenzied by self-pity that he savagely murdered his wife and then killed himself.
The appearance of hypocrisy may trigger frenzied behavior.