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Synonyms for frenzied

Synonyms for frenzied

marked by extreme excitement, confusion, or agitation

Synonyms for frenzied

affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason


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excessively agitated

References in classic literature ?
As soon as the first effects were over, the injured, the deaf, and lastly, the crowd in general, woke up with frenzied cries.
In frenzied excitement, Teeka fairly danced upon the limb which swayed beneath her great weight as she urged on the males of her people, and Thaka, and Mumga, and Kamma, with the other shes of the tribe of Kerchak, added their shrill cries or fierce barkings to the pandemonium which now reigned within the jungle.
When Sir Pitt Crawley heard that Rebecca was married to his son, he broke out into a fury of language, which it would do no good to repeat in this place, as indeed it sent poor Briggs shuddering out of the room; and with her we will shut the door upon the figure of the frenzied old man, wild with hatred and insane with baffled desire.
The singer rocked himself to and fro, rolling frenzied eyes; old women hobbled about with dishes, and men, squatting low, lifted their heads to listen gravely without ceasing to eat.
and, backing to the road, exhorted her in frenzied pantomime to secrecy and silence.
Because of the threat of eastern equine encephalitis and the West Nile virus, the Friday Night Football Frenzy on Charter TV 3 is a little less frenzied this fall.
The court heard that "something went wrong" and rather than Jones smothering her grandmother as planned, "the defendant was forced to carry out a frenzied attack".
One of the people in the car described it as a frenzied attack," he said.
Det Chief Insp Andy Hulme called it "a mindless and frenzied attack on an innocent man going about his daily business".
Summary: Frenzied, chanting crowds have greeted Algeria and Egypt's soccer teams as they arrived in Sudan to battle for the last World Cup place.
Detective Chief Inspector Will O'Reilly said: "This was a particularly frenzied attack, with the victim being stabbed repeatedly.
Frenzied fish-eating action can involve up to 4 friends in the all-new XBLA-exclusive multiplayer party mode*, featuring 10 new mini-games
A man from Durham with a personality disorder has admitted murdering a casino director in a frenzied knife attack.
When the phone lines opened after Tuesday's competition, the frenzied clicking of speed-dialing and text-messaging grew in the Davises' kitchen and living room as electronic votes mounted for the attractive 22-year-old Notre Dame High School grad.
Defend your reasoning at the gates,/though fiends with frenzied jaws assail/mercilessly against the scent of faith.