french fries

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strips of potato fried in deep fat

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Si Chen, Chairman and CEO of American Lorain, commented, "Our French Fries product is one of the most popular fast foods not only in the U.
The french fries, called ''Satisfries,'' were a big bet for Burger King when they were announced in September.
French fries and potato crisps color was measured with a color spectrophotometer NF 333 (Nippon Denshoku, Japan) using the CIE Lab L*, a* and b* color scale.
What to do: Here's one more reason to limit French fries, fried (or baked) potato chips, and cookies.
Seydibey Integrated Facilities of Konya Seker have the highest technologies and integration in the sector of frozen French fries.
frozen foods manufacturer to offer oven-baked French fries cooked in non-hydrogenated, 100 percent pure canola oil.
The recipe must include one Heinz product in the mix--anything from Heinz Tomato Ketchup(TM) to Ore-Ida(R) French Fries.
Yes, they would,'' retorted Bullock, ``especially if they got that bowl of french fries.
Products: frozen vegetables, french fries and specialties
Taste still rules, in fact, consumer testing proves that Infinity Fries both baked and fried have the same taste, aroma and crispiness of traditional french fries.
Supposedly, the people of Linage, Belgium, began cutting potatoes into strips like those typical of french fries and prepared them in hot oil as an alternative to the river fish that were out of reach under the ice during the dead of winter.
A Los Angeles County man's lawsuit against a Perris fast-food restaurant contends he bit into a portion of a blade used to cut french fries, causing him to lose a tooth.
Until recently the Russet variety of potatoes has dominated the marketplace in the production of french fries in North America.
Consumers Prefer Munching on French Fries Over Sipping Beverages