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Synonyms for freightage

the charge for transporting something by common carrier

transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper than express rates

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Freightage will be increased US$800 per 40-foot-equivalent (FEU) containers to be shipped from Asia to western American ports, US$1,000 per FEU for containers shipped from Asia to eastern American ports and the Gulf Coast, and US$1200 per FEU for those moving inland in the U.
Contract award: providing meals for employees freightage in the dispenser locomotive depot zvolen and locomotive depot ves.
of Kaohsiung City will help save freightage sizably and boost production efficiency.
A minivan which was intended for freightage, used by PAMEKS Textiles as a shuttle bus for carrying workers, was carried away by the flood.
The first set of meters will be operational in Al Nud area, which is adjacent to Corniche Road in Al Majaz, and includes three other streets," said Abdul Rahman Al Mahmoud, Director of Transport and Freightage Department (TFD), Sharjah Municipality.
Contract notice: Providing catering for employees freightage in the dispenser locomotive depot and locomotive depot elected ves.
Institutional investors added that the firm's good revenue could be attributed to rising freightage on European routes in June, which drove up revenues in July.
Also in Sharjah, Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al Mahmoud, Head of the Transport and Freightage Department at the emirate's municipality, said parking will be free till National Day holiday is over.
The first phase will be launched in May and will incorporate three icons, the new municipality headquarters, the Blue Souq and Majlis Al Midfa," said Fatima Al Amir, head of Electronic Services at Transport and Freightage Department, Sharjah Municipality.
A route from August this year, making its freightage reach the highest in two months, with the route being 90% loaded to help EMC return to profit from loss in the third quarter.