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the charge for transporting something by common carrier

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In other words, the impact of a $1 increase in the freight rate for a given commodity on the quantity transported by the cartel is equivalent to the impact of a $1 increase in the delivered commodity price on the quantity of the commodity demanded in the destination country.
Until fairly recently, the main activity of the ECF/TC, as interpreted by its members, was to negotiate freight rates with the various shipping conferences for the European coffee trade and industry.
The book provides practical coverage of shipping freight rate derivatives, detailed by leading expert practitioners in the field, offering best practices from divergent and different points of view.
But this isnt enough to completely compensate for the significant drop in the average freight rate.
68 crore as corrupt officials allowed exporters to transport iron ore at concessional freight rates meant for domestic users between 2008- 12, the Comptroller and Audit General of India's ( CAG) report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday stated.
However, in general terms the freight rate environment remains very weak, as characterised by the once mighty transatlantic where rates have fallen by over 25 per cent since their mid-year peak.
The Malaysian National Shippers Council (MNSC) has been urged to let market forces determine freight rates rather than using legislative means to control it.
Cargo demand and carrier load factors have strengthened in the run up to Chinese New Year," said Martin Dixon, Drewry's research manager for freight rate benchmarking.
In July this year, they successfully raised the freight rates by 60%, or US$300 per TEU, to between US$750 and US$800.
It has revised supply, demand and freight rate forecasts for 2009 and beyond, subsequent to the unprecedented collapse of the financial markets in September/October 2008.
During the bankruptcy case, Pangaea and the customer have decided to, among other things: a lower, fixed cargo freight rate for the balance of the calendar year 2016; a freight escalation clause depending upon changes in the worldwide price of aluminum for years after 2016; adjustment of the freight rate under a fuel escalation clause; and settlement of pre-petition receivables outstanding from the customer for voyages prior to the Chapter 11 filing.
For the first time since mid-2008, average global container freight rates experienced a year-over-year increase in late 2009, according to the Drewry Global Freight Rate Index.
As the government has agreed for revision of oil tankers' freight rate for the hard areas, therefore All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractor Association (APPCCA) has decided to end the week-long strike immediately, General Secretary All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractor Association (APPCCA), Nauman Ali Butt said while talking to media.
Javellana alleged the traders purchased the cement at an average freight rate of only $6.
Bob Tuchek, president of RSI Logistics, said, 'The FRN team created the most robust rail freight rate analysis and cost modelling tool on the market.
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