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the charge for transporting something by common carrier

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While the freight rate from Shanghai to Europe averages US$1,888 per TEU presently, rates from Taiwan to Europe range from US$1,950 to US$2,000 to near this year's peak of US$2,100 seen in April.
UBM Aviation brand OAG Cargo on Thursday announced that it has launched it's enhanced and upgraded AFRA Air Freight Rates application.
International Chamber of Commerce - Bahrain (ICC-Bahrain), has announced that the European Union (EU) has ended the anti-trust immunity that has allowed shipping lines to organise themselves into 'conference lines' which allowed the shipping companies and carriers to influence and set common freight rate levels and determine surcharges.
68 crore as corrupt officials allowed exporters to transport iron ore at concessional freight rates meant for domestic users between 2008- 12, the Comptroller and Audit General of India's ( CAG) report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday stated.
In July this year, they successfully raised the freight rates by 60%, or US$300 per TEU, to between US$750 and US$800.
Carriers are continually re-assessing their capacity deployment strategies as it seems that the recent suspension of a number of east-west strings is still not bringing the supply/demand balance back into line in order to stabilise freight rate erosion.
The basis for freight rate hedging is the globally recognised Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI).
The only difference is our subscribers now have more options to get the best freight rate comparison we can give them.
Drewry, the leading independent specialist advisor, has inked a partnership deal with WACO-System, to unveil the first independent multi-trade air cargo freight rate benchmarks.
In a joint single port manager and port operations mission, a team could be developed on a 16-member composition: Commander, 1; NCOIC, 1; marine cargo specialists, 6; transportation operations specialist, 1; transportation specialists 4; freight rate specialist, 2; and Worldwide Port System operator, 1.
Argus uses its proprietary freight rate assessments to calculate fob netbacks for major crude and products markets around the world.
and Canadian lane rate information and paid freight rate information submitted by Internet Truckstop customers.
Q4 Q4 Full Year Full Year 2003 2002 2003 2002 Volumes shipped (teus) Europe 415,262 414,448 1,616,182 1,554,153 Asia / Pacific 274,409 249,741 969,504 925,854 Americas 298,435 275,471 1,157,509 1,079,554 Total 988,106 939,660 3,743,195 3,559,561 Average freight rate per teu 1,347 1,162 1,287 1,145 Revenue 1,331 1,092 4,818 4,075 Operating (loss)/profit before 84 (49) 96 (206) interest and tax (before restructuring costs) Restructuring costs (10) (5) (19) (28) Operating (loss)/profit before 74 (54) 77 (234) interest and tax (after restructuring costs) Net loss on sale of fixed (1) (12) (1) (12) assets Interest (11) (13) (45) (47) Minorities (2) 0 (3) 1 Profit / (loss) before tax 60 (79) 28 (292) after minorities Tax (4) (4) (13) (12) Retained profit 56 (83) 15 (304)
The latest sea freight rate increases mean they have gone up by 50% over the last 12 months.
Launhardt showed that the shape of a market boundary is primarily determined by the firm's location, the price of goods and the freight rate.
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