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Work on the cutting excluded from the inventory freight car fleet; Work on the cutting excluded from the inventory freight car fleet
The system images a freight car as it passes into a railroad yard, picking up 9 megabits of data or more per car.
FreightCar America manufactures railroad freight cars, with particular expertise in coal-carrying railcars.
WH Davis managed the manufacturing efforts of the freight car.
ABC-NACO manufactures freight car, locomotive and passenger suspension and coupling systems, wheels and mounted wheel sets to the rail industry.
We are happy to have a leading freight car builder in FreightCar America as our tenant.
The freight car order backlog is way down compared to this time last year, thus supporting the expected 28% decline in railcar production and the large reduction in steel casting shipments.
The Colorado Historical Society has acquired a number of historic gondolas, which are a type of freight car used to transport bulk cargo including rock, ore, coal and scrap metal.
7 millions tons of cast steel was shipped, dominated heavily by railroad freight car production.
FreightCar America plans to produce a variety of types of freight car designs in Roanoke, including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel railcars.
Spurred by two strong years of freight car production, steel castings enjoyed another good year in '95, finishing up the year slightly below 1.
Also, a more heavily utilized freight car fleet and the need to keep it operating at optimum conditions have resulted in increased demand for freight car parts.
The company also builds new switcher and commuter locomotives, and provides aftermarket services, including locomotive and freight car fleet maintenance.
In 1979 the foundry in Granite City produced freight car castings at record levels," said Norman A.