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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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Time-temperature curves also referred as freezing curves are obtained experimentally to determine some thermophysical properties, such as initial freezing point ([T.
Initial and end freezing point from freezing / thawing curves
However, a new modification process lowers the freezing points of MA-2300 and PF-LT to 41 F and 32 F, respectively, compared with 59 F for Mondur PF.
The measured freezing points can be employed to calculate any of the phenomena resulting from traditional experiments.
The difference between the freezing points of the pure water and the one molal sodium chloride solution is equal to the molal freezing point depression constant for water.
Because different types of grains have different freezing points, the chemical composition of the crystals in carbonaceous chondrites also provides an indication of what the temperature may have been in various parts of the solar nebula.
density, solubility, boiling points, cloud points, flash points, pH, freezing points, activity, toxicology, storage, precautions, etc.
Barnes' team also found that the freezing and melting points of plasma from these animals were identical, ruling out the presence of antifreeze molecules, which lower freezing points below melting points.