freezing point

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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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National Institutes of Health, in support of the study, said the new technique involved injecting the donated organ with 3-OMG 3-O-methyl-D-glucose (3-OMG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG-35kD), the active ingredients in anti-freeze, which lowers the freezing point of a solution.
Ethylene glycol is the active ingredient in anti-freeze, and it works by lowering the freezing point of a solution.
Amman, Dec 15 (Petra) -- After four days of heavy rain and snow fall, Jordanians can expect sunny weather over the next three days, however, the weather will remain chilly with mercury levels below the freezing point in the night and early morning.
We expect weather in is impressively Experts last night said strong gusts of up to 50mph will also mean temperatures hovering around freezing point could feel more like -10degC in some areas.
Strong gusts of up to 50mph will mean that temperatures hovering around freezing point could feel more like -10 degrees in some areas.
Himachal Pradesh's popular tourist destinations of Shimla and Manali shivered as temperatures plummeted below the freezing point despite a sunny day yesterday, a weatherman said.
On Tuesday afternoon the mercury will rise above the freezing point all across Bulgaria a from 2-5A[degrees]C in Northern and Western Bulgaria to 8-12A[degrees]C in Southwestern Bulgaria and along the sea coast.
ControLyo' technology regulates the nucleation temperature to within 1 [degrees] C of its freezing point.
They deplored that low gas pressure in parts of the province mainly in the provincial capital where temperature has dropped to freezing point doubled the troubles of households to many fold.
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh continues to shiver under the impact of the severe cold wave with mercury plummeting to freezing point in some places like the agency areas of Visakhapatanam district.
Nucleation rarely occurs at the equilibrium or thermodynamic freezing point of the solution.
Sarah Holland, from the Met Office, said that today the Midlands would be "lucky if temperatures rose above freezing point during the day and ice is going to be the main problem".
The freezing point of water may seem like a simple fact, but the story of how water freezes is a little more complicated.
The absorption process is not limited by the freezing point of water because moisture is removed as a vapor.
On the Kelvin scale, what is the freezing point of water?