freezing point

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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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As water nears the freezing point of 0[degrees]C (32[degrees]F), its molecules expand and become less dense, which explains why ice cubes float.
The graphite, up to this precipitation point, has been dissolved in the molten gray iron as elemental carbon, but the introduction of the inoculant facilitates the carbon coming out of solution as graphite when the eutectic freezing point is reached as the metal cools.
As water's temperature decreases to and falls below the normal freezing point, more and more of its molecules self-organize into clusters that have structures based on the tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base.
Blood curdling cold waves have reigned over most of the areas of Balochistan where the temperature is reported to have fallen below freezing point.
Supercooling is a state where liquids do not solidify even below their normal freezing point and clouds in high altitude are an accumulation of supercooled droplets of water below their freezing point.
Scientists had thought that the entire water column is at or near the freezing point.
The "Frozen" campaign reminds consumers that Stoli genuine Russian vodka is brought to its highest quality and flavor when chilled to the freezing point.
Areas buckling below freezing point are Kalat minus 12, Quetta minus 8, Kalam and Gopas minus 6; while, Malamjabba and Murree were frozen under minus 5 degree centigrade.
The freezing point depends on impurities in the water which seed the formation of ice crystals.
Suspended water droplets can remain liquid even when they and the air that surrounds them have temperatures far below the normal freezing point, says Azadeh Tabazadeh, an atmospheric chemist at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif.
The gullies lie exclusively in areas where ground temperatures typically don't exceed -70 [degrees] C, which is well below the freezing point of water.
To study the crystallization, the scientists melt the sample, then cool it carefully below its freezing point.
When chilled to the freezing point, Stoli Raz is brought to its ideal consistency and flavor, revealing the genuine quality of its Russian heritage and a superb raspberry taste.
86 [degrees] C, the freezing point of seawater, and three South American species that swim in waters having temperatures up to 10 [degrees] C.
Garrett and his two colleagues Robert Smith and Matt Poese have successfully used the refrigerator to cool to a temperature of twenty-four degrees below zero Celsius (-11 degrees F) - well below the freezing point of water, and plenty cold enough to store ice cream.