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electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time

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Preventing freezer burn is our strongest suit," said Linda Graebner, president and chief executive officer of Tilia, maker of FoodSaver appliances and accessories.
Selling Points By removing air from the storage environment, vacuum sealers will keep foods fresher three to five times longer than conventional storage methods, and they prevent freezer burn.
There is no need to rewrap the chicken, and the vacuum packaging protects it from freezer burn.
If they get freezer burn or wilted produce, he said, "they put up with it because they assume it's their fault.
In response to an audience question about quality, specifically the problem of freezer burn, Lima said Unigate buys frozen halibut from Seattle in vacuum packs to avoid that problem, even though it is more expensive.
Storing food with the Handi-Vac System helps to preserve the texture and appearance of fresh foods by virtually eliminating freezer burn.
As an alternative, many people believe that double wrapping meat will prevent, or retard, freezer burn.
Hodge, who treated Prince for an ear infection and freezer burn.
The bags eliminate freezer burn and can be microwaved and boiled and washed in the dishwasher for re-use.
Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the campaign emphasizes the elimination of freezer burn and uses Pat & Betty, popular spokespersons for Reynolds products and "real" on-the-job employees in the company's test kitchens.
The Fresh Food Freezer Trays seal baby food air-tight under Click Lock (TM) lids, to prevent odor transfer and freezer burn.
When it comes to freezing, Rosenberg recommends no longer than two to three weeks to avoid ending up with cookies that have freezer flavor and freezer burn.
Combined with GE's exclusive FrostGuard[TM] technology, which defrosts the freezer only when necessary, the risk of freezer burn is greatly reduced.
This allows for the higher humidity needed to maintain fresh ingredients in the refrigerator while keeping humidity out of the freezer compartment to minimize freezer burn.
Also, airtight plastic bags will reduce the chance of freezer burn better than regular freezer paper.