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change from a liquid to a solid when cold

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The prevalence of freeze-out and closely held corporation fact
outside the freeze-out and closely held corporation contexts.
context of freeze-out mergers arranged by controlling shareholders.
duties primarily in the freeze-out and closely held corporation
in its partially held subsidiary by arranging a freeze-out merger.
fall outside the standard freeze-out context but nevertheless raise
primarily in freeze-out mergers and closely held corporations.
to controlling shareholders, primarily in freeze-out and close
A common freeze-out technique is a cash parent-subsidiary
Tuesday and Thursday nights are pounds 10 re-buy tournaments with pounds 2,000 guaranteed prize money Monday night's are pounds 100 double chance freeze-outs.
Competitors seem to go for the all or nothing strategy in the single table freeze-outs, they figure they have nothing to lose so they go for the quick double-up and take chances too soon.