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preserve by rapid freezing and subsequently drying in a vacuum

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TDLAS can also assist with a QbD approach to freeze-dry cycle development and optimization, including measurement of vial heat transfer coefficient, resistance of the dried product layer to flow of water vapour and equipment capability.
Experiments were conducted using an average of three fillets that were frozen, partially thawed, cut into cubes, arranged into freeze-dry trays, and processed immediately.
To efficiently freeze-dry large quantities of plasma, the individual units were poured into a large pool often containing the plasma from more than a thousand donors.
The group is hopeful of the commercialization of the platino-alumina agent as it uses inexpensive aluminum hydroxide as a raw material and is produced in a cost-efficient and simple freeze-dry process.
With this method, Baldeschwieler envisions someday being able to preserve many kinds of materials that have been difficult to freeze-dry, including orange juice and perhaps human tissues such as skin grafts.