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used of tissue or blood or serum or other biological substances

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preserved by freezing and drying in a vacuum

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Lot 3 Supply of freeze-dried beef rice dishes and vegetables Mini quantity 25 000, max quantities 100 000 over 3 years.
Merrick Backcountry is an ultimate ancestral diet that brings together many of the mega trends in the pet food aisle, from freeze-dried raw to exotic protein blends to grain-free, high-protein recipes made from real deboned meat.
After centrifugation, the pellet was divided in three parts, one with and one without cryoprotectants respectively (2% w/w glycerol or 5% w/w maltodextrine) [3, 4]) and freeze-dried in a low freeze-drier (LOUW KOELTECHNIEK BVBA) with a standard program by increasing the temperature gradually from - 25[degrees]C to 25[degrees]C at 0,9 mbar pressure during 48h.
Freeze-dried salmon also fits into the recommendations of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
Therefore, it's considered a byproduct; but a freeze-dried product would be a way to use edible portions of meat and add value.
The contract provides funds to validate the new freeze-dried manufacturing process and the associated pre-clinical and clinical studies to support the advanced development of a freeze-dried version of IMVAMUNE(R).
Freeze-dried bacteriocin powders were prepared by growing bacteriocin producers in dairy-based media, freezing the cell-free culture supernatants at -70 C, -85 C or -196 C, and then freeze-drying the samples.
From practical tips for eliminating clutter to replacing harmful products with eco-friendly ones, a how-to guide for dowsing one's house, embracing the spirituality of honoring mother earth, tips for flower arranging whether with organic, air-dried, freeze-dried or silk flowers, and much more.
He works exclusively with a Principle Investigator (PI) Biochemist Officer (71B) on The Use of Freeze-Dried Platelets (FDP) as a Topical Wound Healing Agent.
Ironically, freeze-dried plasma was one of the first blood components identified, separated, and stored for shipment into war zones.
The mini-FCM (flow cytometer) kit with the freeze-dried dye has a very short shelf life, which is why the Army is switching to a liquid dye.
But the company's pride and joy is a carton of crunchy larvae, made with real baby worms from California that have been freeze-dried and coated with flavors like cheddar cheese and Mexican spice.
Although the UK freeze-dried market is currently dominated by traditional red berries and blends such as apricot and peach, consumer demand for more unusual tastes and flavours is growing.