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used of tissue or blood or serum or other biological substances

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preserved by freezing and drying in a vacuum

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Note: Freeze-dried strawberries are typically located in the dry-goods section of a grocery store produce department.
Bavarian Nordic A/S (CPH:BAVA), a fully integrated biotechnology company, announced on Tuesday the exercise of an option by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) under the recently announced contract for freeze-dried IMVAMUNE.
She turns freeze-dried kale and Greek yogurt into powder to add to her morning smoothies; and freeze-dried ice cream dipped in chocolate has become a popular treat at her house parties.
Aqueous extracts of the freeze-dried leaves yielded the highest total phenolic content, at 26.
When you marry a particularly buttery and rich, if traditional, shortbread recipe with the sour spike of freeze-dried raspberries on top, you create something that makes a cuppa a special occasion.
Pilot-scale production and viability analysis of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria using different protective agents.
It's possible that another fruit might be equally effective, that freeze-dried blueberries work better than fresh blueberries, or that the impact of blueberries would wane over time.
The good news for both health-conscious shoppers and the grocers that serve them is the growing number of suppliers that are bringing freeze-dried fruit snacks to market.
Retailers could position freeze-dried fruit as the perfect option for on-the-go Americans who still desire a healthful snack.
The Crunchies brand has experienced double-digit growth within the last year, and it now ranks as the leading brand in freeze-dried snacking in the United States by sales, according to Nielsen.
That general theory explains our high esteem for the dehydrated and freeze-dried diets that we've listed and described on pages 5-9.
In the present study, we examined the ability of dietary freeze-dried strawberries to inhibit N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine (NMBA)-induced tumorigenesis in the rat esophagus.
6]) Therefore, understanding the effect of these protecting compounds and their formulations is important to develop viable freeze-dried Pseudomonas fluorescensBTP1.
published a case study to illustrate a QbD approach to developing a freeze-dried parenteral product using actual development data, whereby an existing small molecule product (formulation and process) has been redeveloped by applying QbD principles.