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A pad was added to the web in #5 and the modulus recalculated when it became clear that the original web would freeze off before #6 obtained its feed metal.
If water gets to the die face before the polymer begins to flow, too much cooling will cause the holes to freeze off.
So cartridge heaters may not be adequate for large dies or for materials with a narrow melt-temperature range, such as nylon, which could tend to freeze off in the center of the die.
Also, the gate can freeze off before the part solidifies.
Prestige currently markets the Compound W[R] wart treatment line which includes Compound W[R] Freeze Off and six other non-cryosurgical products for wart removal.
CDL says the new controls will make it "impossible" to freeze off the die and will also prevent problems like spraying water because of improper clamping of the pelletizer to the extruder.
This is one reason why the melt does not freeze off before the cavity is filled, despite slow injection.
For example, the Company recently introduced Compound W(R) Freeze Off, a cryogenic wart treatment that accelerates the treatment time for warts from weeks to days.