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done of your own accord

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According to the FIR, Miskeen, the victim woman's father, along with her brothers, Habib, Ayub, Azam and Mirza, murdered the young couple on November 22 for going against their wishes and contracting a freewill marriage, on the orders of a tribal jirga and secretly buried the dead in Qaimkhani graveyard in Ittehad Town.
The author submerged his entire being into the tithe doctrine versus freewill giving for four years to understand the different tithe teaching propagated in the church circuit.
It's about the 3 Fs: Fate, Freewill and Friendship.
There is no charge, but a freewill offering will be taken.
This is an excellent read, especially for anyone interested in the struggle between fate and freewill.
Our future is clear in that, more and more, we will not be able to be as dependent on the freewill offerings of folks for the ministry of the church--at a time when the demand for ministry is increasing," he said.
God gave man his freewill, but will not let us destroy His creation.
Life, consciousness and freewill are the same thing
Freewill and determinism are two psychological forces which influence human behavior in social life.
It was built there in 1892 as the First Freewill Baptist Church.
However, she later admitted that she had sex with the boy of her freewill when he was a pre-teen and that he never took her clothes off by force or raped her as she had claimed, her lawyer Siham Slaibikh said.
Adopting a critical-rationalist epistemology approach influenced by Karl Popper, the author engages primarily with philosophical critics of the compatibility thesis, as he moves among such topics as freewill, the nature of moralizing, intellectual property, and restitution and retribution through dialogue with the work of such figures as R.
People in general exercise their freewill in elections when they enjoy relative political freedom.
What separates us from beasts of the field is we have freewill and are not governed by our nether regions.
She believes that God created us with freewill and it isn't necessary to hide our faces away.