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free of restraints or rules

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An inhibit function allows the freewheeling MOSFET to be turned off during light-load conditions.
Participants in the expanded Carnival of the Renaissance "were perhaps acting out a deconstruction of the text of society," particularly in the plays of Ruzante (17-18; 203), while aristocrats gave "collusive approval" to lower-class characters' freewheeling actions (209, 124, and passim).
Assertions like these are frequently made to justify liturgical freewheeling in parishes or dioceses which ignore (or even denigrate) the liturgical norms of the Catholic church.
It's hard to tell whether Wills isintellectually courageous or just undisciplined; anyway, he does not feel at all constrained from the kind of freewheeling speculation that can sometimes lead to piercing insight and sometimes to mere digression.
It is this freewheeling capability that makes the system special," he adds.
FREEWHEELING Pals take advantage of downhill stretch; PIONEERS Team and backers resting; ON THEIR BIKES Lads back on road
Ex-Girlfriend'' is the first produced screenplay by ``Simpsons'' writer Don Payne, and he has given the movie the same fresh, freewheeling spirit found on the best episodes of the series.
While it might be hard to picture a gracious, 60-year-old North Indian classical dance master getting down with a freewheeling wunderkind from Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk, it was the universal allure of rhythm that first drew Pandit Chitresh Das and tapper Jason Samuels Smith to each other.
In a rambling, laid-back narrative, as freewheeling as the classic album of the same name, Bob Dylan takes us on an American odyssey through the late 1950s and into the '80s.
Nothing more than some clothes dangling from the ceiling, the work is a canny placeholder to be variously inhabited by freewheeling acts of association and identification.
Noting people's fears of freewheeling nanoscale robots circulating in the body, Weiss says, "You have to build safeguards into these systems.
That means facing the lover (Seymour Cassell) with whom she had a daughter, long ago given up for adoption; the petulant gay son (Nick Stahl) who jealously resents even the little he knows of her freewheeling past; and, most poignant, the young attorney (Martha Plimpton) who's searching for the birth mother she'll likely never find.
While committed to socially conscious projects, the co-director of Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media approaches moviemaking with a freewheeling, doctrinaire-free attitude.
From them it is evident that the outspoken, freewheeling writer was under constant surveillance.
Rickles is one of the most famous comedians in show business today, noted for his freewheeling, acerbic style.