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Synonyms for freewheeler

someone acting freely or even irresponsibly

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you love to be on the go, but be careful not to take on too much, or to be too much of a freewheeler this year, as it could upset an important relationship.
The Freewheelers, who have been in operation since the 70s, are keeping a watchful eye over six mobs operating in Waterford.
Activities include the Alpine Barbeque and Beer Garden, Porcupine Chairlift, Alaska Zipline tours, Juneau Freewheelers Mountain Bike Tour, and the Decomposition Decathlon.
The benefit ride, which starts at the Hatfield Pavilion on Billings Way in Hatfield, is presented by the Rotary Club of Amherst and hosted by the Franklin-Hampshire Freewheelers, offers 25-, 50-, 75- and 100-mile options.
That's because the Midland Freewheelers, who boast former TV presenter Ashley Blake among their ranks, have received a lotto windfall for two new machines.
Tonight, three more take part, while the recipients are the Fire Fighters Charity, Freewheelers and the Oxford Kidney Unit Trust Fund.
He was inspired by the South West-based Freewheelers, who transport vital supplies, such as blood and X-rays between hospitals.
it's huge - and you either walk around, or choose bikes, locks and trouser clips (and carts, fitted with child restraints) from the lavishly stocked Freewheelers rental centre.
It forgoes, however, the creative and highly efficient input of the freewheelers.
We've seen a lot of success and enthusiasm with Humana's Freewheelin program, and we expect to see many more delighted Freewheelers in Tamarac.
The Midland Freewheelers group, which counts shamed former Midlands Today presenter Ashley Blake among its members, delivers emergency supplies to hospitals by motorbike.
The Warwickshire Freewheelers provide an urgent out-of-hours service supporting local hospitals by transporting blood, urgent patient samples and blood products on their motorcycles.