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Synonyms for space

Synonyms for space

an extent, measured or unmeasured, of linear space

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

a rather short period

Synonyms for space

a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing

the interval between two times


one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff

(printing) a block of type without a raised letter

place at intervals

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Excessive freeway space causes muscles to overcontract to close the jaws.
In Southern California, where high-powered sports cars fight for freeway space with huge sport utility vehicles, Auto Club spokesman Jeff Spring said he doubts drivers will heed repeated suggestions to watch their pump consumption unless prices keep rising.
is caused not by too little freeway space, but a combination of overpopulation and shoddy mass transit.
However, Los Angeles has less freeway space per capita than most urban areas - ranking 44th out of the largest 57 urbanized areas in 1996, according to Federal Highway Administration data.
Nowadays, the only people who can afford access to those freeway spaces are the chains.