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Meant to prevent patients from surprising - and often debilitating - medical bills, freestanding ERs can comply with the new rules by posting the insurance information on their websites, as long as written confirmation is also provided to patients.
With the central deck of the Queensferry Crossing now complete, the bridge has a 644-metre cantilever - making it the largest freestanding balanced cantilever.
Chic and totally modern, the striking freestanding Opus bath has a clean design and gentle, organic curves for a luxurious bathing experience.
Alternatively, consider the Tabor 1800mm Freestanding Bath, another luxurious, spacious 250 litre capacity model.
The bulb alarm isn't as loud as a freestanding alarm because the bulb sits inside your light assembly.
According to EarthLink, Freestanding DSL enables consumers to access high-speed Internet without having to buy local telephone service from their phone company.
in Guttenberg, NJ a 2,200 s/f freestanding 1 story building is available for sale.
Traditional freestanding tubs usually rest on ball-and-claw legs.
Outside funds provide instant name recognition and long performance records, but they are freestanding funds not controlled or managed by the life insurer.
There's a tremendous amount of non-apparel opportunities, along with men's wear, Baby Juicy, and that's before we even talk about freestanding retail.
By combining conventional SANS studies of freestanding thermal barrier coating microstructures with NS-SANS and anisotropic USAXS studies of the modifications introduced when the thermal barrier coating is in situ on the substrate, a valuable validation tool is becoming available to support industrial thermal barrier coating design.
Federated Department Stores is opening a new freestanding Macy's Furniture Gallery here this week.
It was judged contextually inappropriate simply to replicate the chapel at Lysi in a modern American city, so de Menil has created a mediating external building with an embedded steel structure - a 'reliquary box' - which forms a neutral enclosure for a freestanding chapel constructed from thin translucent slabs of laminated glass.
Hospitals want to keep their medical staffs happy - and physicians tend to be less happy when subacute is provided at a freestanding facility down the road.
2In 1982, it was still possible and desirable to adjust outpatient surgery prices downward to improve the hospital's competitive position relative to freestanding ambulatory surgery centers.