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a natural or instinctive fellowship between people of similar interests

Freemasons collectively

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There is a wonderful sympathy and freemasonry among horsey men.
The National Union of Journalists said both journalists and MPs should openly declare their membership of Freemasonry.
AT A time when speculation about the influence of Freemasonry has resumed, the only AM to declare himself a member of the craft has said he stopped paying his subscription "two or three years ago".
Speculative Freemasonry and the Enlightenment: A Study of the Craft in London, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Philadelphia, 2nd Edition
These factors and others have caused a stark decline in Freemasonry membership over time, especially in the context of changing American demographics and immigration patterns.
Penarth Masonic Hall was built on playing fields on Stanwell Road to accommodate the growth of Freemasonry due to the expansion of Cardiff and Penarth Docks.
Outdated view I WAS most disappointed to read the letter in your SUNDAY SHOUT section saying Masons are still secret, given the difference between the reality of Freemasonry today and the writer's perceptions.
In 1961, President Jamal Abdul Nasser violently abolished Freemasonry in Egypt.
Leading cultural and political figures of the Hispanic Caribbean were integrally linked to Freemasonry.
YOUR Business Editor, Graeme Whitfield wrote that "men don't have monopoly on business talent" and that "by contrast, some of worst things - rugby league, freemasonry, stag weekends - are exclusively male".
1981: The entire Italian coalition cabinet steps down in the wake of a scandal over freemasonry.
The school's curriculum goes beyond the origins and traditions of Freemasonry to practical subjects such as budgeting, lodge operations and membership services.
History Lectures "Tracking the Mysteries'' with Andrew Linnell discussing the Cathars, Rosicrucians and European Mystics, mysteries from the founding of America, Freemasonry and mysteries of the future, 6:30 p.
Berman concentrates on the large body of English Freemasons, examining Laurence Dermott and the Ancient Grand Lodge, Ancient Freemasonry and the London Irish, the Ancients' General Register, London's magistracy and the London Irish, the decline of the English Grand Lodge from 1740 to 1751, Masonic misrule, the King's Arms Lodge, and the Anglo-Irish in ascendancy and alienation.
Churton's novel starts with this violent event and over the course of the adventure he describes I learned quite a bit about the history of freemasonry in Turkey.