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a natural or instinctive fellowship between people of similar interests

Freemasons collectively

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For a long time Freemasonry has been on the receiving end of whispering, stigma and discrimination," he said.
In recent years Freemasonry has tried to present a more open image, holding open days at its temples and allowing its senior representatives to be interviewed by the media.
In his comparative analysis of the Craft or Freemasonry in four European urban centers and one American city during the 18th century, Weisberger revolves around doctrines embodied in Masonic rites and degrees.
Freemasonry is celebrating 300 years since the formation of the United Grand Lodge, an occasion Paul Haley says is being marked by a more open attitude.
All members are encouraged to be open and talk about their Freemasonry and everything about the organisation can be found online within seconds.
Despite the 1964 government decree, declaring the demise of Freemasonry in Egypt, some were not so convinced.
The colonial and racialized cultures of the nineteenth-century Hispanic Caribbean saw manual labor as demeaning and indicative of social and racial inferiority, but Freemasonry valorized artisans and skilled workers who were playing a key role in the spreading industrial revolution.
While he may have personal experience of rugby league and stag weekends and have found them unappealing, we have no record of him ever having been a member of Freemasonry, which would suggest that he may not have had much personal experience of it - and one wonders how he has concluded it belongs in his list of "worst" things.
History Lectures "Tracking the Mysteries'' with Andrew Linnell discussing the Cathars, Rosicrucians and European Mystics, mysteries from the founding of America, Freemasonry and mysteries of the future, 6:30 p.
Berman concentrates on the large body of English Freemasons, examining Laurence Dermott and the Ancient Grand Lodge, Ancient Freemasonry and the London Irish, the Ancients' General Register, London's magistracy and the London Irish, the decline of the English Grand Lodge from 1740 to 1751, Masonic misrule, the King's Arms Lodge, and the Anglo-Irish in ascendancy and alienation.
Churton's novel starts with this violent event and over the course of the adventure he describes I learned quite a bit about the history of freemasonry in Turkey.
Freemasonry first appeared in seventeenth-century Scotland as men from higher social ranks joined lodges that had previously served to regulate the working lives of stonemasons.
The Mysteries of John the Baptist is a recommended coverage for any collection interested in the mystery of John in Freemasonry and the historical Baptist as presented in the gospels and early histories.
The Fun for Kids Day was the tenth annual outing organised by Worcestershire Freemasons as part of its Freemasonry in the Community commitment.
After I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, I transferred my membership to the local lodge, where a banner with the Latin crosses of the Trinity violated all the tenets of Freemasonry.