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a person who is not a serf or a slave

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More than seven decades later, the now 80-year-old Freeman accepted a lifetime achievement award Sunday from the Screen Actors Guild for the much larger roles he's played in his career, including his Oscar-winning performance in "Million Dollar Baby.
I am thrilled to announce Morgan Freeman as this year's recipient of the SAG Life Achievement Award.
Unless there is a last-minute stay, Freeman will be the second execution in Texas this year and the fourth in the United States.
So how does Freeman explain his chiseled physique, the one that had people mistaking him for a fifth-year senior from the moment he set foot on Oregon's campus?
As an anthropologist, Shankman expertly examines the lives and works of Mead and Freeman, considers the variables in the debate surrounding the Samoan behaviors that may have been misinterpreted in Mead's and Freeman's work, and admits his stance and involvement in the Mead-Freeman controversy.
Freeman hasn't been this light on his feet in years, and, to give Vega credit, she keeps up.
If Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman gets his way, home viewers will enjoy premium movies delivered via the Internet this fall.
Marilyn Freeman as both acting executive director of TARDEC's Research Business Group and technical director responsible for the alignment of ground systems science and technology research initiatives to meet the Army's current and future warfighting and sustainment needs.
Using membranes for hydrogen purification could require less energy than conventional methods do, Freeman says.
It's very hard to get information," said Bryan Freeman, the association president, at the convention.
Although Florida law requires drivers' licenses to bear a full face photograph, when Sultaana Freeman of Winter Park obtained her license in early 2001, she was photographed in her veil and issued a license.
Freeman introduces us to a sample of the population via a daisy chain of interwoven vignettes: A married woman talks on the phone to her mousey single friend; the friend goes out to dinner with the building's repulsive and possibly homicidal waste manager; the manager engages in a shady transaction with one of the aforementioned squatters; and so on.
The Freeman family has bought back the beauty care business that bears its name.
Freeman Cosmetics, Beverly Hills, CA, the family-owned skin and hair care company that was bought by the Dial Corp.
I don't know of any CEOs who can justify a full week off at this point," sighs Douglas Freeman, avid golfer and chairman and CEO of Atlanta-based NetBank, the nation's largest independent retail Internet bank.