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a person who is not a serf or a slave

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Brains are self-organizing systems that are closed with respect to meaning," says Freeman.
Nevertheless, Freeman and Russell raise intriguing questions about the military image, showing that stage representations contrast vividly with the traditional negative stereotype; the nasty portrayal is reversed, and as Freeman notes, the soldier becomes a "powerless, innocent victim rather than swaggering brute.
Through the years, Freeman says he has noticed that 99% of the top black tennis players and coaches have come up through the ATA or the community.
Jonah Freeman examines American living spaces as though he were an anthropologist noting surprising details of an alien tribe's dwellings.
Andersson recently accompanied Freeman on a book tour to New York and Chicago, preparing the food spreads and cooking with him on the ``Today'' show and ``The Oprah Winfrey Show.
As a design-driven company, Freeman has been investing in its global infrastructure for many years, and today, we have a solid base of operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico.
Freeman loves to tell the story of an Adlai Stevenson campaign speech for president in the 1950s.
With the addition of their relationships to Freeman's resources, we are positioning the combined Freeman organization for growth in an important segment of the face-to-face industry.
Tubbs wanted to express the construction, and he and Freeman played initially with the idea of strong vertical piers connected to the under edge of the dome with sliding joints to take up movement.
In many ways, Freeman comes across as a normal, well-adjusted American teenager.
Freeman has served as a director of TerreStar's board since May 2005, and served as chairman of its audit committee and compensation committees.
Freeman has dropped 120 pounds since enrolling in UCLA's Obesity Risk Factor Program, an intensive weight-loss program that uses a combination of diet, exercise, behavior modification and appetite suppressant drugs to achieve results.
AMBS and SKBA Join Freeman Associates as Sub-Advisors of the American Hospital Association-Sponsored Fund, a Series of the CNI Charter Funds
A colleague of Freeman represented the debtor, John Musick, when he acquired Ritter Ranch in 1998.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Marshall Freeman, 63, president and CEO of Miller Freeman Inc.