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of or characteristic of a parasite

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It will be put towards the estimated pounds 5m bill to update Royal Lodge in Windsor - and some of the cash will even be used to provide a suite of rooms for freeloading ex-wife Fergie.
AGENT Raymond Sparkes last night rushed to defend Simon Donnelly after a Sheffield Wednesday director accused the former Celt of freeloading.
It won't remind you of the Friday-night poker game you have with your freeloading friends.
Freeloading George Osborne apparently wanting a first-class train trip at a second-class price exposed the arrogance of Cameron's toffs.
And in a bid to crack down on piracy, the record industry is to target users while they are online warning them to stop freeloading or face court.
While some insects included in the study avoided the sticky milk by deliberately draining a leaf's supply with a well-placed cut, the authors found that other freeloading insects apparently took advantage of leaves with latex supply-lines already severed by the vein-cutters.
But if they look like freeloading drunks, always to be found at every free do in town, their popularity often starts to wane.
The Mirror's brilliant expose of the freeloading peer only confirmed that the House of Lords is a medieval boil on the face of the so-called Mother of All Democracies.
It is one thing for a country to formulate its own interests, he says, but quite another to pigeonhole people according to their usefulness, to stigmatize them or to accuse them of freeloading.
Our government (hope they're listening) should not offer a free pathway to citizenship for the illegals, should strengthen the borders, and should stop the freeloading, like other countries with intestinal fortitude have.
But if Mr Hunt's new system works it will stop the world's health tourists freeloading off the best medical system on the planet.
On subsidised food and drink for MPs Nice to see that they are freeloading.
Surely it makes sense to travel to places where they may legally camp rather than constantly making fools of the rest of us by freeloading, knowing just how long they can stay before being moved on.
If other businesses in the city, now crippled by extortionate business rates, were treated with the same lax largesse then we would surely see a more evenly mixed and thriving city instead of one skewed towards suffocation by the universities and freeloading students.
Due to chronic underfunding, and people coming to this country and freeloading off our NHS we will be lucky if we have an NHS for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if it is not stopped.