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Synonyms for freeloader

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Words related to freeloader

someone who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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FreeLoader and BookWire are trademarks of Individual, Inc.
Using intelligent agenting technology, FreeLoader quickens and streamlines the Web experience and provides a wealth of top-notch branded content tailored to a users interest," said Mark Pincus, president and CEO of FreeLoader Inc.
Our alliance with FreeLoader enables millions of Macromedia Shockwave customers to experience the excitement of shocked multimedia sites anytime, whether they are connected to the Web or browsing offline," said Phil Schiller, vice president of product management at Macromedia.
By using intelligent agenting technology, FreeLoader quickens and streamlines the Web experience, converting surfers into regular consumers of specific, personalized Internet content.
This agreement will provide FreeLoader with a tremendous distribution channel and branding opportunity," said Mark Pincus, president and COO of FreeLoader, Inc.
8 million shares of individual common stock for all the outstanding stock of FreeLoader and $2 million in cash.
Increasingly, Web site providers are recognizing the the enormous potential of off-line World Wide Web delivery services," said Mark Pincus, president and COO of FreeLoader.
recently purchased FreeLoader, the world's first Internet off-line service which scans the Internet and stores sites on an end-user's hard disk for later viewing.
HE'S not short of a few bob - but Sean "P Diddy" Combs is an unashamed freeloader.
The prosecution characterized Edwin Seth Brown as a freeloader who accepted large sums of money from an elderly Saugus widow, even as she lived modestly, during cross-examination Monday in criminal court.
The launch follows a successful three-month public beta test of the service which "surfs while you sleep," FreeLoader 1.
The R&A appointed this freeloader to the position, so they should foot the costs - or dump him for someone who isn't going to be quite such a PR handicap.
We revealed this week how the tightwad, despite being worth millions, is a freeloader.
The FreeLoader software enables end-users to access Web sites off-line and avoid the wait associated with surfing.
For example, at user-defined intervals, the MSNBC-customized version of FreeLoader will go online and collect user specified information.