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  • verb

Synonyms for freeload

to take advantage of the generosity of others


Words related to freeload

live off somebody's generosity

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Managing to freeload food, a tram ride, a round of crazy golf and even entry to the smallest house in Britain, Conwy did not disappoint.
In spite of your best donor analysis someone from the city comes up with the idea they can freeload off of you rather than the other way around.
Big business cannot be allowed to freeload off this country a moment longer.
So far in Wisconsin, conservatives have granted only government workers the right to freeload - the ability to benefit from collective bargaining without paying union dues.
However, given that the taxpayer is already subsidising education (either directly or through subsidising student education), surely it is time for the Government to insist that employers finally share the risk, ownership and responsibility for education/training, rather than freeload off the system.
But I and others like me didn't come here to freeload but to work and earn a living.
Through Campus Media Group, the exclusive advertising arm of Freeload Press, Inc.
Most of those questioned said colleagues who hardly spoke to them in the office went to their leaving do simply to freeload food and drinks.
In the section on how to freeload with style, groms learn: ``Never stay longer than expected,'' and ``Don't stink or be unpleasant to look at.
And the more power is devolved, it turned out, the more wealthy suburbanites can freeload off the cities.
Not only can hackers freeload on a customer's service, they can do much more serious damage, such as disrupt a company's wireless network and bring business to a halt.
Do his parents not contribute anything to the upkeep of their house and just freeload off the taxpayer?