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Synonyms for freelance

a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer

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working for yourself

serving for wages in a foreign army

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Using a freelancing site can be a very good option for those who are new to the business, or who wish to keep their involvement online to a minimum aside from the services they are offering.
Freelancing allows skilled workers to offer their talents up on a freelance basis and all that is needed is a platform from which to find those who are seeking such services.
In "Freelancing 101 for Newspaper Journalists: Making It," four writers who are thriving in the freelancing world will share their best tips for landing paid work in newspapers, magazines and online publications.
Tupper joins Post Modern Edit after having been a staff editor at Mad River Post and Deutsch LA and freelancing at Riot, Fuel, the Cutting Room and Crew Cuts.
Sessions in the "Beginner's Pluck" track include Freelancing 101 for Newspaper Journalists, How to Write an Awesome Query Letter, Finding the Perfect Literary Agent and more.
In addition, a quarter of Generation Xers believe they will own their own businesses, and another 16% say they will be consulting or freelancing.
Another reason that online business and online freelancing is so popular and is predicted to really take off next year is because many people have had to face unemployment recently or still do work for other business but their job security is very shaky.
The website targets the main problems faced by the freelancing industry and successfully eliminates them.
He continues to live in Hartford while teaching and freelancing around the country.
He hopes to renew his former links with James Fanshawe, for whom he rode Travelmate in the Foster's Melbourne Cup last November following the suspension of Ray Cochrane, but he will be freelancing and aims to go wherever Jewell can get the best mounts.
Pugatch, a television and stage actor, outlines the realities of the acting business, describing it as a "job-to-job industry," akin to freelancing.
The Communication Central conference is a unique, invaluable resource for hands-on skills and general business tips for anyone considering or already freelancing," said Communication Central owner Ruth E.
The Southeastern Michigan chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC/SM) has assembled a panel of small business owners and independent consultants for its January program, "The Business of Freelancing.
Freelancing With a Full-Time Job: What You Need to Know