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the owner of a freehold

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other 20 counties in New Jersey, we have a Board of Chosen Freeholders.
This 1993 Act gives leaseholders the right to ask for the landlord/ freeholder to add 90 years to what is left on their existing lease.
Most vertical leases will clearly state that the freeholder is responsible for arranging to have any remedial work done, while the leaseholders are responsible for paying for it.
One way to get round this is to propose installing special sound-absorbing underlay, which may be acceptable to the freeholder.
Freeholder is a job title peculiar to New Jersey--the word dates back to colonial times--and is an elected county office.
I think we're doing the right thing now," Freeholder James Lacey told a reporter.
Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri, who asserted in 1826: "The freeholder is the natural supporter Of a free government.
He was first elected to office as a Hudson County Freeholder, serving from 1975 to 1978.
The governor received assistance in the project from State Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) and Burlington County Freeholder Philip Haines, who offered the loan from funds originally earmarked for "state economic development.
After the January 24th fire Cornwall's Freeholder accused the Council of mismanagement and complacency, and ridiculed its efforts to improve the town's means of fire-fighting.
I wanted to find a device to close the Camden incinerator," admits Mark Lohbauer, who became a Camden county freeholder in 1992.
Magazzu, a Freeholder for the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders, served last year as NJAC's First Vice President.
The lease may have clauses about wooden floors or causing a noise nuisance, although installing sound-absorbing underlay may be acceptable to the freeholder.
Also, if you live in a leasehold flat or house, you may need the freeholder's permission to change or add exterior doors - the building's front door, for example, usually belongs to the freeholder.
Arnone, Freeholder Director and Serena DiMaso, Freeholder Deputy Director both of Monmouth County, presided over the ceremony.