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Synonyms for freehanded

Synonyms for freehanded

done by hand without mechanical aids or devices


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Instead, he freehanded the image from about a dozen pictures provided by Arthur Barron, the former chairman of Time Warner International and former president of Paramount Pictures, who commissioned the piece as a gift for his friend, Paul Ford.
the host and his table that he remains as freehanded and careless
In Jordan's freehanded version, 14-year-old Sara Godfrey lives with her popular older sister, her developmentally disabled younger brother and her Aunt Willy.
He put on glasses, picked up a carving tool, and in a few minutes, freehanded an ornate floral patterns seen on many of his gun belts.
He seemed good-natured, he was freehanded, he had money, he never said anything.
On one level, they would demonstrate the Maconnais's predilection for loose inter-textual imitation, his freehanded, sometimes "vulgarized" appeal to ancient and early modern mythological compendia for conceptual inspiration.