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Synonyms for freedwoman

a person who has been freed from slavery


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06/182/15, Homicidio, Diogo, escravo, 1887; Freedwoman Belmira to the governor, 24 August 1885, APEB-SH, maco 2897.
The extremely successful freedwoman, Antonia de Jesus, perhaps an acquaintance of Maria, noted that she possessed 90 pesos worth of fish in a 1640 will.
She was called Regina and was the freedwoman of Barates.
Many freedwomen tried to stand up for themselves and their children, as was the case with Lavina Newland, a freedwoman living with and working for a family in Henry County.
When he picked up that stick and laid into Richards, he was merely doing his part to re-establish what he no doubt deemed the proper social relationship between his aunt and her black hired help, while perhaps also thinking to teach proper Victorian manners to the "impudent" freedwoman.
8: Bureau of Refugees: Freedman and Freedwoman thrown into a well in Jefferson Co.
Also central is the ship's second mate, who is passing for white, Zachary Reid, the son of a Maryland freedwoman.
Thulani Davis's most recent book is My Confederate Kinfolk A Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Discovers Her Roots (Basic Civitas Books, January 2006).
After establishing an enduring home as in this example, the Roman freedwoman could present her family in the context of the domestic realm of eternity.
Fatanat was a Circassian freedwoman married to a clerk in the late Basha's village; when her husband takes a second wife she leaves him and appears at the Sha'rawi home with his orphaned niece whom she is raising.
Cooper's essay on Mary Bibb, freedwoman and educator, shows her to be a pioneer in breaking down gender barriers made more complex by racial subjugation.
emperor to marry a freedwoman, in which case she would be regarded as a
Rebecca Bailey, a freedwoman reduced to poverty when her husband Dennis took off to live with (and sometimes marry) a series of other women, found herself supported by the Lanier family, her former owners in slavery.
Vespasian's relationship with Antonia Caenis was similarly remarkable for Suetonius' emperors: (35) she was a freedwoman of Antonia (Caligula's grandmother), probably older than Vespasian, with good connections to the Julio-Claudian family that may have served Vespasian well during the reigns of Caligula and Claudius.