freedom from discrimination

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immunity from discrimination on the basis of race or sex or nationality or religion or age

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Freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, language, religion, political and other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act, as it is called, needlessly pits reproductive freedom against freedom from discrimination," according to CQ Roll Call.
Munayyer concludes, "Palestinians must demand the right to live on their land, but also free movement, equal treatment under the law, due process, voting rights and freedom from discrimination.
Others include an honest and responsive government, protection against crime and violence, freedom from discrimination and persecution, affordable and nutritious food, political freedom, equality between men and women among others.
The rights measured include the right to life, freedom from discrimination, freedom of religion and rights of foreigners.
The research suggests that a willingness to promote equity of access and freedom from discrimination needs to be reflected in the policy and standards of both the Nursing Council of New Zealand (as nursing's regulatory body) and within employing organisations.
We should be thankful not just for good institutions and laws, but for the force of our collective aspiration to build a society in one small corner of the planet where equality, fairness and freedom from discrimination at least have a chance to flourish.
That includes provisions for mitigating out-of-pocket expenses, ensuring access to health insurance, and guaranteeing freedom from discrimination in employment and in obtaining life insurance.
In that case, the court took liberty to interpret the constitutional nature of freedom from discrimination vis-a-vis the "ili-ekpe or Oli-ekpe custom of Nnewi that does not recognize female inheritance unless Nrachi ceremony has been performed on the female.
The authors identify "the greatest impediment to unions" as "weak and anachronistic labour laws", adding: "It's time to add the right to organise a labour union, without employer discrimination, to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, because that right is as fundamental as freedom from discrimination in employment and education.
In its unanimous and binding verdict, the IACHR--an autonomous branch of the Organization of American States (OAS)--found Chile "responsible for violating the right to equality and freedom from discrimination.
The pro-life students' claim against the university is based on false arrest and the suppression of freedom of expression and freedom from discrimination.
Wellington also contended that the county violated his right to medical leave and to freedom from discrimination for a disability.
The Government regulator highlighted the authority's performance in improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of service users and ensuring their freedom from discrimination and harassment.
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