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a person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority (especially in the hope of improving conditions)

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Further, the revised total amount of pension will be taken as basic pension for the respective categories of Freedom Fighter pensioners for calculating Dearness Relief.
He was uprooted from his village, and he became a Palestine freedom fighter, fighting with the hope that he would one day go back, but he died in desolation in a refugee camp, without the right to medical facilities.
for example, recalls the Continental Army in its own revolution as freedom fighters.
Political, religious and social organizations have chalked out a number of programs to pay homage to the young Kashmiri freedom fighter who lost his life while striving for the freedom of his motherland.
In 1969, Government of India introduced the Ex-Andaman Political Prisoners Pension Scheme to honour the freedom fighters who had been incarcerated in the Cellular Jail at Port Blair.
My Father Was A Freedom Fighter may be one of the saddest books ever written, yet, Baroud peppered it with his witty sarcastic humour.
That makes the Provisional IRA the same as al-Qaeda; they are not freedom fighters.
New Delhi [India], December 07 ( ANI ): Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan paid tribute to freedom fighter Jayee Rajguru on his 221 martyrdom day celebration here.
On Kashmir, Nawaz Sharif said India was 'sadly mistaken' to equate freedom fighters with terrorists and vowed Pakistan's continued support to Kashmir cause.
He stressed that Burhan Wani was a freedom fighter and the 'pride of Kashmiris'.
Addressing on the occasion, he said that Maulana Hasrat Mohani was an eminent poet and freedom fighter and an incomparable person.
In a condolence message here late Wednesday night the Prime Minister said Amanullah Khan was great freedom fighter and a political leader of Kashmir.
Some of the banks have reported discrepancies in disbursal of pension to the freedom fighters/dependents in a few cases which include disbursal of dependent family pension to the pensioners widows who themselves are Central Samman Pensioners, disbursal of full family pension to each of two widows of a deceased freedom fighter, crediting of pension to the accounts of the Central samman pensioners even after their death, and disbursal of State Pension from Central Government account.
PESHAWAR -- National Council of Writers Pakistan here Saturday arranged a function to mark 50th death anniversary of Sardar Rabnawaz Khan Kokab Sarhadi, a writer, journalist and renowned freedom fighter who dedicated his life to serve Muslims of subcontinent and countrymen in Pakistan after partition.
We were disappointed that he didn't mention India's freedom fighter, first Prime minister who is truly a global statesman.
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