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someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)

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Going even further back, the 1950 winner Freebooter was trained by Robert Renton at Ripon and owned by Mrs Lurline Brotherton.
For Holt Hawkins, securing the bounty for Freebooter Mira Toombs to erase the price on his head turns out to be more difficult than expected, and not just because she can use ordinary objects from the Strange Lands to produce powerful magic.
Whitman writes: "The piney odor and the gloom--the awful natural stillness, (Here in these dense swamps the freebooter carries his gun, and the fugitive slave has his concealed hut;)" (LG 1860, 390).
Everybody's favorite freebooter says he was surprised by his unexpected Oscar nomination.
WILLIAM LAIRD, founder of the Birkenhead Iron Works, which became Cammell Laird, married Agnes Macgregor, a greatgrand-daughter of Rob Roy Macgregor (1671-1734), the clan leader, freebooter and Jacobite.
It's high time I took myself Up the throat of the sea, under the cliff, One hand feeling the growth Of seaweed on massive rocks The other a freebooter Out to land a fish There's a strange girl in my company Speaks with a fine English accent.
David Arrow, whose vast range of experience within the fresh, chilled and frozen food industry includes Express Dairies, Sara Lee and Bluecrest Freebooter, is in charge of the day-to-day running of Cauldron Foods with the new title of General Manager with immediate effect.
And although Johnson goes on to inform his readers that after bottling up the Philistines in a narrow coastal strip, King David "then moved east, south and north, establishing his authority over Ammon, Moab, Edom, Aram-Zobar and even Aram-Damascus in the far north-east," archaeologists believe that David was not a mighty potentate whose power was felt from the Nile to the Euphrates but rather a freebooter who carved out what was at most a small duchy in the southern highlands around Jerusalem and Hebron.
In contrast, Sombart's entrepreneur would be identified with, rather than juxtaposed to, the freebooter.
Also included is the first English translation of the Middle Hittite "Indictment of Madduwatta," a slippery freebooter who attempted to use the mutual hostility of Hittites, Arzawans, Greeks, and others to aggrandize himself.
Few successes will have given Beaumont greater pleasure, and he said: "I watched the race with Monica Dickinson in the Freebooter Room and we are still out of breath
Lover's introductory note tells us: "Many legends are extant of this romantic minstrel freebooter, whose predatory achievements sometimes extended to the hearts of the gentle sex.
It is fascinating to read of the philosophical foundations of much of the current `atomistic autonomous freebooter liberal fantasies' (p.
Bluecrest Freebooter has launched a range of three fish cakes -- cod and parsley, salmon and tarragon, and smoked haddock.
In Costa Rica the word filibuster refers to US freebooter William Walker who tried to take over Central America in 1856.