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unwilling to accept authority or dogma (especially in religion)

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But as fans will tell you, the series has proved that the youngsters don't have a monopoly on being free-thinking mavericks who bend the rules to get results.
It is good news for all peace-loving and free-thinking people in the world
Thomas takes umbrage when the popular Reverend Marley (guest star Burn Gorman, left), a free-thinking curate, arrives in Lark Rise, and it isn't long until dark rumours about the priest begin to circulate.
Lark Rise to Candleford BBC1, 8pm Thomas is over the moon when he is put in charge of organising the church bazaar, but his enthusiasm soon evaporates when the vicar falls ill and Reverend Marley, a free-thinking curate, takes over.
When Dominic and his sister spend the summer with their uncle in a boarding house populated by eccentrics, the children discover a free-thinking, unstructured way of life and Dominic discovers what it truly means to have a voice.
He divides his text into two parts: life during Lloyd's mother's time and life thereafter and argues that Lloyd's legacy is the belief that gardeners should be 'imaginative, free-thinking and ambitious".
Honest, free-thinking union members are not fools and largely accept that the country is in financial turmoil and desperately needs reform.
As the latest challenge gets under way, Nebil Avas shuns research tools in favour of a free-thinking method.
Can Corie's free-thinking attitude help her hubby become less of a stuffed shirt?
the day morphed into a week of speakers and music and party and the reasons to celebrate blossomed into a free-thinking bouquet arranged around the central principle that it was "bold and independent thinkers who brought our nation to the forefront and led to its policy of governmental neutrality toward ultimate beliefs of its citizens.
I guess I was too much of a free-thinking rebel to salute any man or organisation.
He described himself as a religious sceptic and free-thinking humanist and included satirical commentary in his works, according to The Times.
In so doing, you pay a compliment to the courage of those free-thinking scientists who continue to research climate change independently despite the likelihood of refusal of publication in journals that have taken preconceived positions; the hate mail and vilification from ignorant environmentalists; and the threat of loss of tenure in institutions of learning which no longer make any pretense to uphold or cherish academic freedom.
Lanter plays a cocksure 17-year-old slacker named Anton McCormack who bulldozes his way into a free-thinking Manhattan prep school and catches the admiration of both the school's prized acting student, Lexy Sheppard (Amanda MacDonald), and its popular drama teacher, Morocco Hemphill (Laurence Fishburne).
As usual, we salute David's free-thinking, but I can't help feeling that now is not the time to be queering your pitch with the new boss.