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Synonyms for free-spoken

speaking or spoken without reserve

Synonyms for free-spoken

characterized by directness in manner or speech

References in classic literature ?
Far away to the other side of the world as they were, in smoky rooms, and grey medieval courts, they appeared remarkable figures, free-spoken men with whom one could be at ease; incomparably more subtle in emotion than the people here.
Take them away, guards; and let this free-spoken youth be the Minotaur's first morsel.
Bread's conservative habits were already relaxed by the spiritual comfort of this preconcerted interview, in a remarkable locality, with a free-spoken millionaire.
Additionally, Rushdie sees Ibn Rushd as both free-spoken, like himself, and eerily prophetic about what is to come: "To be thin-skinned, farsighted, and loose-tongued," Rushdie writes, "is to feel too sharply, see too clearly, speak to freely.
The consultant later states that most people assume it amounts to something like the intelligent and free-spoken HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey--the inspiration behind this story's headline.